Up and Running

Well, that was fun.

Went out of town for the weekend and came back to find my blog was down!

Thank you for the notes letting me know – it looks like WordPress has everything working again. I’m still not sure what happened, but I’m glad it’s back up and running!


Since I’ve been working at getting it back up and had no time to upload pictures, I don’t have a full post ready but this weekend was so much fun!

Family, food, and football. It doesn’t get much better than that. Well, it would have been better if we we had won…but oh well. Still fun!


What did you do this holiday weekend?


PS: Honduras posts coming soon – wahoo!!!


  1. Yikes, glad you’re back!

    I went to a Buffalo Wing Festival over the weekend.

  2. phew…so glad you’re back!

    Took the kids camping at a beautiful NY State park on Lake Ontario. Wish the weather had been better :-(

  3. Oh no, hate when technology isn’t on your side. Glad it’s working for you now. And also glad you had a great Holiday Weekend.

    We had some picnics, birthday parties, a hike, and some beautiful weather! :)

  4. Yayy, you’re back! We made a treck to Chicago for the weekend!

  5. Glad your back! Your right, food family and football – doesn’t get any better!

    Although my job is to think of snacks for the game, I don’t actually watch too much!

    Requested from the hubs for this first full fledged fooball Sunday: guacamole with blue cheese, sage and bacon – we saw it on “the best thing I ever ate” on FoodTV and it looks amazing!

  6. So glad to see you are back! I was worried when I clicked on your blog and got a message saying that it was archived! Thought it would have been odd for you to suddenly leave the blog world. ;)

    Sorry to hear about the outcome of the game. I was definitely wondering how you took the loss.

  7. I took a canning road trip and then went to a baby shower. I was exhausted by the end of the weekend but it was worth every second :-)

    Glad you are back…missed ya!

  8. glad you had a good weekend!! you’ve got more good things waiting for you over at my blog ;)

  9. I hate when technology takes a break! We went camping for the weekend for one last trip, it was so dang cold! But, we had fun anyway :)


  10. Glad you’re back! I was wondering what went on for a while..it said you were suspended or something- how weird!

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