Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes

Sourdough Saturday was moved up a few days!


For some reason, I decided we needed some blueberry sourdough pancakes for breakfast today.


Great idea in theory, especially since I work from home on Thursdays and have a little extra time.

Not such a great idea when we wake up late…but I went for it anyways!


So what if I’m eating blueberry pancakes, drinking coffee, and have yet to take a shower? Priorities get shifted around when pancakes are involved.

Today’s mix involved some new buckwheat flour I bought a few weeks ago – they turned out delicious!

No specific recipe because I don’t measure! But these had sourdough starter, buckwheat flour, oats, brown sugar, canola oil, flaxseed, and baking soda.


Time for work!


What’s your favorite kind of pancake?

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  1. I love pancakes with chocolate chips. Sure that isn’t suprising though. :)

  2. I love pancakes with blueberries and chocolate chips and maple syrup. Actually, forget the batter, just give me those three things :-)

  3. Mmm my favorite are oatmeal pancakes….probably with chocolate chips but fruit is pretty good too :) I love the idea of a sourdough pancake batter though!

  4. I’m a huge fan of classic chocolate chip pancakes topped with strawberries and syrup. Though a healthier favorite are oatmeal/banana/blueberry/peach ones!

  5. I love banana pancakes, topped with a dollop of yogurt, maple syrup and peanut butter

  6. Mmm, chocolate chip pancakes are my favorite. Can’t go wrong with a classic!

  7. I nearly had pancakes this morning and then I was too lazy! Banana pancakes are my fave. Or buckwheat from this one breakfast diner in town…love a good syrupy pancake :)

  8. Yum! I wish I had pancakes for breakfast…those look delish! My favorite pancakes are flapjacks…you know those MASSIVE plate sized ones!? Like a chewy crepe – amazing!

  9. I love buckwheat pancakes! Delicious!

  10. I knew you’ll be making pancakes this morning! :D

    I love buttermilk pancakes topped with fresh fruit and syrup. Yum-o.

  11. I don’t even like pancakes but yours look delicious! But I do like the occasional banana pancake with peanut butter or maple syrup! (or even nutella like a french friend showed me)

  12. blueberry or banana :) yours look fabulous!

  13. i love buckwheat! i’ve never had sourdough buckwheat pancakes though – sounds really good :)
    I love blueberry pancakes, though lemon poppyseed are right up there, too.

  14. I don’t think I’ve ever had buckwheat flour actually–so many flours, so little time!

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