Omelets, Revisited

I made a huge mistake this morning.

I did not take a picture of the beautiful and perfect omelet that Nick made me for breakfast.

He asked if I would be sharing his omelet on the blog and when I told him that I didn’t take a picture…well, he said “I made them especially perfect and round this morning, just so you could take a picture but you can’t even share it now”.

I’m not really sure why I didn’t take a picture: we were busy in the kitchen getting breakfast ready (me prepping ingredients, getting the fresh herbs, slicing the peaches, making coffee)…and I was just hungry once I got my plate ;) Plus, the camera battery was still charging!

To make up for my lack of picture this morning (and get back in my husband’s good graces), here are a few of his other picture-perfect omelets he’s made in the past year.




I don’t know how he does it – his omelets are always perfect! And delicious.

Today’s had tomato from our garden, onion, extra sharp cheddar, and fresh basil and parsley. That with a peach and coffee was so good this morning! A great way to start the week.

After seeing how good he is at making omelets, I’m pretty sure I won’t be trying to make them anymore. I’ll leave the omelets to him ;)


Are there any dishes that you’re really good at cooking – ones that just come naturally to you?


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  1. maybe we need him to do a video tutorial for us on how to make perfect omelets :)

  2. Oh gosh I WISH omelets were my specialty! I’m actually totally useless at making them! I can poach a pretty prefect egg though…but that took a LOT of practicing!

  3. I want to see his omelet making process! Mine always fail. Everytime.

  4. That omelet does look perfect!

  5. Haha, aww poor Nick! Don’t worry, be sure to tell him that all of his omelet creations look fantastic so I’m sure the one today was just as beautiful!

  6. Aw- I think that’s cute that he gets excited about blog pics!

    My dad mentions my blog from time to time and says that I should totally write about whatever it is he’s talking about… it’s cute

  7. I don’t even try to make omelets. They frighten me. I’m a frittata girl, it’s hard to mess those up! :)

    My guacamole is pretty fierce. It doesn’t have any crazy ingredients, but I think I’ve found the perfect ratio. Mmm. Now I want some guacamole.

  8. My specialty is pouring a bowl of cereal. Major skills, I know. I’ve got the technique down PAT.

  9. Haha, I love it when my non-blogging friends and family members get involved with the blog… that was too cute. He does make a mean omelet!

  10. I’m still in the process of trying to find my “signature” dish. One of my favorite things to make, although easy, is fish. It’s so simple and fresh!

  11. ummm…i smell a guest post. could nick be so kind as to share how he gets such a perfect circle?!?!

  12. abe is greatat omelets too – maybe a guy thing?

  13. Wow, I love that! My dad is also an omelet pro, and I have no idea how he does it! I guess practice makes perfect :)

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