Keyboard Confessional: Round 2

On Monday, I worked all day while wearing my Virginia Tech nightgown.

PS: College football season starts in less than 2 weeks. 2 weeks! I’m so ready I can barely stand it. Nick is scared of how obsessed I may be this season. I’m not.


We have a shoebox full of Honduran coffee on our kitchen counter.


Maggie loves Mondays.


Even though we have a ton of lotion, I never use it. I can’t figure out if I just forget or if I’m too lazy when I get out of the shower.


My dessert last night was a huge, dairy-free milkshake!


This was 1 serving (about 1/2 cup) of the Cappuccino Cashew Creamery ice cream, 1 cup almond milk, 1 Tbsp Ah!laska syrup, and a couple pieces of ice.

Even Roxy wanted in on it!


My two latest reads.


I loved Eat, Pray, Love. After reading a few reviews on the book, I was scared the “pray” and “love” sections wouldn’t be as interesting as “eat”, but I enjoyed the entire book. I actually think I liked the “pray” and “love” sections the best. Don’t get me wrong – I love food and I loved reading about her adventures in Italy, but there were so many things that rang true with me in the India and Bali chapters. I took it on our trip, and it was the perfect reading material on the plane: easy to read, inspiring, and not too heavy.

As for My Sister’s Keeper, I just started it the other night. This is my first experience with Jodi Picoult and I’m in love already. The story is heartbreaking, but I can’t stop reading.

Her writing, along with Elizabeth Gilbert’s, has given me back my writer’s itch. Watch out.


Any confessions to make? Spill them.

Latest, greatest books you’ve read? I’ll take suggestions! I always have a list going and love having more options.



  1. football season makes me think of two people: marshall and YOU. i love how excited you get!

  2. Confession: My favorite book I’m reading now is Elements of Style- A grammar book. In the 6 years since graduating college I’ve lost all my grammar rules and rely on the very unreliable grammar and spell check in Word.

    Confession: I know that going vegan would be best for my health problems (IBS) but I can’t give up greek yogurt.

  3. I am reading Eat, pray, love and enjoying every page of it.
    I’ve read My sister’s keeper, and it’s a real heart-breaker, but an amazing book

  4. I really loved “My Sister’s Keeper”. Wasn’t a fan of the movie, though- so just giving you fair warning!

    And HOORAY for college football! My team (Mizzou) sucks this year, but I’m still gonna be the faithful fan and see it through to the end! :)

  5. I’m so glad you liked Eat, Pray, Love; I was beginning to think I was the only one. I have to limit myself to one Jodi Picoult a year because they are addicting, and I need to read other books (i.e. literature) too.

  6. you are going to love that jodi picoult book. i have read every single book by her and haven’t been disappointed. that one is my favorite!

  7. Yay to the shake! I loved My Sister’s Keeper – read it 4 years ago while traveling in Argentina – that memory alone is enough to make me love it forever!

  8. Couple of things: one I heart this post. next, I too am super excited for college football (and pro football) season to start. if you liked Eat, Pray, Love you should read Gilbert’s other book Committed. I think I liked it even more than Eat Pray Love.
    Confession: I sometimes eat hummus right from the container. Like I just eat a spoonful when I get home from work.

  9. I just read Those Who Save Us and Sarah’s Key and I was entranced by both. I need to read Eat, Pray, Love.

    SOOOO excited about football season. (Do I even have to tell you this?) I have three new OU shirts and my office mate likes our in-state rivals so I am looking forward to casual Friday from now on! Gotta represent :)

  10. I love, love, love My Sister’s Keeper. I read it a few years ago and it definitely made me cry. The movie’s pretty good too, though no where near as good as the book.

  11. I wasn’t aware of your football obsession….I have a closet fixation myself, which, given the fact that i live with a bunch of sport-naysaying hippies, can only manifest itself in dive sports bars around Asheville!
    I just finished a book called New England White – loved it and the perspective it offered on family, race and the confines of the academic world.

  12. LOVEDDDD Eat Pray Love. And I just saw the movie and unfortunately it is no where near as good as the book– but still good anyway!

  13. I felt exactly the same way about my sister’s keeper – the story really pulls you in.
    Have you seen the movie? I was so upset when I found out they changed it from the book, but it actually translated better to the screen that way.
    I won’t give anything away!!

    One of the best books I’ve read is Mitch Albom’s The Five People you Meet in Heaven.

    Hmmm and a confession,
    welll…. I may have an obsession with Dr Kracker crackers :P

  14. I just finished Eat Pray Love as well and I loved how it was so relate-able to life! There were so many inspirational quotes that I’m going to print up and decorate for my walls and “inspiration board”.

    My Sister’s Keeper was so captivating to read because I couldn’t imagine feeling what each of the characters feel. And I loved the ending because it wasn’t expected. That’s all I will say!

    Maybe I’m just a sucker for romance but The Time Traveler’s Wife is my current favorite. A little confusing but a beautiful read. Other Jodi Picoult favs include Handle With Care and 19 Minutes. I highly recommend both!

  15. ALL of Jodi Picoult’s books are incredible! It’s good to have you back :)

  16. I loved My Sister’s Keeper and would recommend that you not watch the movie. It totally ruins the story.

  17. I loved My Sister’s Keeper and love Jodi Picoult’s writing style! She also writes about very controversial topics in her books so they are always so intriguing. Just beware if you watch the movie — completely different :P

  18. I’ve been a fan of Jodi Piccoult for several years, and I’m just reading My Sisters Keeper now! I feel like the last person to do so (but I guess I’m not anymore!) because it was such a popular book several years ago. My favorites are Vanishing Acts, The Plain Truth, The Pact, Salem Falls… so hard to narrow it down! Hope you enjoy.

  19. I loved “E.P.L” too! I definitely enjoyed Italy the most, (obviously) but I felt the same way about the other two parts. On a whole, a very good read. I’m looking forward to see the movie now, although I hear it doesn’t compare.

  20. Ohhh, dear. Virginia tech? They’re playing BSU (my hometown) soon! It’s ok we can still be friends.

    Try reading the Hunger Games. There are three books in all. :)

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