Back to Un-Reality

Finally – a sense of normalcy in my life. Too bad that means working for 8 hours in front of my computer today.

After going to church yesterday, Nick and I came home for a quick lunch and nap before heading out to our favorite spot with Maggie.


Yes, Glen Alton again. You know we love it – Maggie is even skipping in the picture!

Our dream home away from home.


Have I mentioned that we want to live here? More than once? :)



It has everything we want: lots of land, no neighbors, wetlands, orchards, gardening space, a pond, and a perfect house.





So, this is my dream house.


We walked Maggie around the property (about 2 miles) and took her for a quick swim in the pond.


We had great weather yesterday – the rain held off for us all afternoon.



Maggie wore herself out between the running, sniffing, and swimming, and crashed after her bath.

We finally cleaned the house and ate dinner, finishing laundry just as we were going to bed last night.

And I was more than ready for a normal breakfast today.

I missed oatmeal so much!


Banana Split Oatmeal – the most unreal breakfast I know.

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1 cup water
  • pinch salt
  • cinnamon

Cook and spoon into split banana, then add toppings!

Today’s were:

  • berries
  • almonds
  • almond butter

I’ve got some Honduran coffee waiting on me – let’s hope this breakfast and coffee can help me through my first day back to work after this trip.




  1. That house is unreal! It would be a dream to live in. Glad you’re getting some normalcy. It’s always hard after such a long trip.

  2. Looks so peaceful out there. Beautiful!
    I hope the integration back to work is easier than you think! :)

  3. Good luck today! The first day back is always a bit of a struggle, but you’ll be back at it before you know it!

  4. Is that place like an open park that you guys can go to? It’s gorgeous! Would love a place like there where I could take Rocks off lead.

  5. Banana split oatmeal- genious!!!


  6. Such an amazing house.

    Glad you are settling back home. Such a great way to start with oatmeal! ;)

  7. That house is so pretty! I find it’s always difficult getting back into the swing of things after a vacation. School is starting up again for me and it feels so weird.

  8. Welcome back! That area looks absolutely beautiful. I can see why you love it!

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