Guest Post: Experience The Local Life

Experience The Local Life

Hello Branappetit readers; my name is Clarice from the blog A Crumb Falls. I hope Brandi is having a safe, productive trip in Honduras.
It seems that local travel is all the rage these days as people keep try to keep their dollars in the neighborhood and conserve on fuel. Sometimes it’s easy to get in a local rut though and do the same thing every weekend. Currently, I live in New Hampshire, but I will probably only be living here for about nine more months. Thankfully while living in New Hampshire my husband Jeremy and I have had tons of visitors. The best thing about visitors is showing them your area and often going places you wouldn’t normally go. You don’t need visitors though to experience where you live.
Here are a few tips to enjoy and experience what is around you.
Catch a minor league sports game. Whether you are a sports person or not, this is a great experience. Usually the games are affordable and fun. Get a few friends together, fill up a section, and cheer. Those guys are usually out there for the love of the game, so sometimes I have even more fun than I might at a major league game.
Do a tour. There are tons of places around here to tour – breweries, wineries, little museums, local art galleries, or farms.
Most major areas have suggestions in the things to do section; there is a pretty good chance there might be something that you haven’t thought of in the past.
Look at a map. Are there cities that are within a 1 or 1.5 hour drive of you? Maybe places you could go for a weekend getaway or even just a day trip. I plan to return to Portland, ME in the fall. I’ve been a few times, but it’s a great getaway that isn’t far away at all.
Spend the day in your very own city as a tourist. Do a photo walk; You see things differently when you are behind your camera. Stop a random person and ask where they would tell a tourist to eat. You may end up at your own favorite spot, but you also might find something new.
Enjoy seeing everything that is around you.
Thanks Clarice!
PS: If you haven’t checked out her blog, do it! I went to college with her and she is super  fun and a total sweetheart.


  1. I live in Indiana and I need to find some fun things to do rather than sit and bitch about it. Great guest post!

  2. It’s funny the things we take for granted in our own backyard. It took my brothers family coming to town to finally go to downtown Chicago to see The Bean!

  3. Good job thinking of ways to enjoy what’s around you.

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