Guest Post: Lynn

Hello Bran Appetit readers!

This is Lynn from The Actor’s Diet, a food blog about my life as an actress, with a focus on healthy living and positive body image.   I live in Los Angeles with my husband Abe, who also works in “the biz”

And our six-year old Jack Russell, Julius

As someone who struggled for many years with binge eating and anorexia, I have found the food blogging world to be incredibly helpful in my recovery – in terms of support, motivation, and ideas.  I’m so honored to be guest post-ing on Brandi’s blog, which I’ve been reading for a long time!

Here are some of my favorite food blog-influenced eats:

Microwave Pumpkin Pie

Oats in a Jar

And some quick recipes I’ve concocted of my own.

Breakfast “Soup”

and Gnocchi ‘n’ Eggs

Hope you’ve found the blog world as inspirational as I have!


  1. Yeah Lynn! The blog world has definitely changed the way I see food. I”m going to have to try some of your recipes.

  2. Food blogging definitely has introduced me to many new things I never would have tried if I never read how great they were in the blog world. The Actor’s Diet was the blog that inspired me to start my blog, so thank you Lynn!

    And thank you Brandi for having such a wonderful guest poster on your blog.

  3. The blog world has helped me heal my thinking about food and I love it. Great post Lynn!

  4. hehe LOVE LYNN <3

    microwaved pumpkin pie sounds fantastic! i love how quick it is to make, i really outta try it, especially in the autumn <3

    oh julius, little bundle of love <3

  5. The blog world is definitely a source of ideas and support. I’ve been reading The Actor’s Diet for awhile sans comment – I started when I was living in LA and was always grateful for local information and tips!
    Enjoy your weekend!

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