We made it!

It has been a very long day and it´s only 3:30 pm here.

We were up at 1am to head to DC to catch our flights -no issues, no holdups.

We´re safe, finally full of good food (we just ate lunch) and going through the supplies for tomorrow.

Looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight!

Thank you for all your notes and comments- we appreciate them all!


  1. Y Bienvenidos a vosotros. Disfruten a los ninos y todo que Dios tiene para Vosotros aya.

  2. Bienvenida, Brandi! Espero que sea un viaje buenissimo para ti y para los ninos! Que lo pases muy bien.

  3. Yayy!! You made it! Have a great time down there and stay safe!
    Love ya,

  4. hope you are having a blast, as I’m sure you are – can’t wait to hear a recap =)

  5. Glad you guys arrived safe and sound! Thinking of you Brandi! :D

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