Pack Rats

I told you you’d see this pasta again :)


Since we still had some of the whole wheat pasta/tomato/basil mixture in the fridge, I packed some for me for lunch along with some veggies and Sabra hummus.



Not the most exciting lunch, but it works!

We have so much to get done before we leave!

This is just some of the stuff we have to pack for Honduras:


Needless to say, we’ve got a lot of packing to do.

I have all the clothes I’m thinking of taking and will have to edit that pile down once we start getting things in our bags.


We also have all our food for the week and travel essentials like shampoo, sunscreen, hand wipes, bug spray, pepto bismol, aleve, etc.

I think we’re stocked on lunch food + snacks!



Odwalla Bars

Amazing Grass bars


Amazing Grass single serving packets! So excited to have these to take – it’ll be my only way most days to get any greens in my system.


Fruit bars, PB&Co pb packets!, Squeeze jelly (grape and strawberry)


Fruit cups, applesauce, trail mix, crispy bars, raisins, craisins, almonds/walnuts, tortillas (for pb&j wraps for lunches)


Instant oatmeal, including these new ones I found – Oat Revolution. Have you seen them? They were on sale this week and I‘ve never tried them but the ingredients look great! Plus tuna packets for lunches, more fruit cups and applesauce.


And the travel essentials for us:

wipes, more wipes, shampoo, face wash, sunscreen, bug spray, gum, floss, aleve, hand sanitizer, pepto bismol tablets, and more wipes.

I know it might seem strange to be packing so much food, but we’re on our own during the day when we’re out at the orphanage or in a town or at the clinic. Our breakfasts are taken care of at the hotel and we typically eat dinner out together after showering from the long day of work. Lunches are whatever we bring with us because we’re not always near a place to get food, so we just have to bring filling foods that are easy to pack. We have it down a science now of what is easiest to pack that we actually want to eat for a whole week :)


Whew. That makes me tired just looking at it. We’ll be starting on this pile of stuff tonight!



  1. So organized! I love spreading out everything I pack before leaving on a trip. It makes me feel a little less separation anxiety when I leave the house.

  2. you are very organized! that is going to weigh your suitcase down….but atleast you will have the food you want, great idea

  3. You are so organized Brandi – that’s awesome! You all are going to prepared for everything. :)

  4. Wow–that is quite the stash! Where will you be staying on your trip, and will this be all of the food that you’ll have access to? It looks like you are very well-stocked and well-prepared for your trip! How exciting!

  5. you look like you’re all prepped for your trip! great stash of stuff!

  6. I’m happy to see you are so organized ahead of time. The last missions trip I went on I was 16 and did not plan until the night before and was eaten alive by bugs in 10 seconds flat.

  7. josh has had that oatmeal, and liked it. the pouches the oats are in double as a measuring cup for the liquid, which is really nice for things like work/travel

  8. I’d say you have it down to a science!

  9. I don’t think you packed enough. J/K. I wish I was as prepared as you. I ALWAYS forget something.

  10. Wow that is a long to pack!! You must be getting excited :) and it sounds like you’re going for a really good cause!

  11. I am so excited to hear the full recap of your trip–last yr’s was amazing, and I am sure this yr will be even better! :-)

  12. you’re a good packer! i’ve tried those oats – they are convenient at home, so i’m sure they’ll be really convenient on the go!

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