Mornings with Maggie

This is what Maggie looks like on Saturday mornings:


And this is what she looks like on Sunday mornings:


After breakfast and her crazy run-around-the-house deal, she just wants to cuddle. Nick cuddles her on Saturdays, and I get her on Sundays :)

But who wouldn’t want to cuddle this?


She definitely has some energy, but I’m glad we got a dog that will settle down and cuddle us every now and then. I think weekend mornings are her favorite times of the week, too!

Maggie’s morning routine:

  • Wake up with Nick, go out to use the bathroom.
  • Nick scoops out her first round of breakfast and she rolls over for him to rub her belly for a few minutes (her morning routine with him)
  • Plays with Nick until I’m out of the shower
  • Picks up a toy and sits and waits for me to come over to her
  • Does this little wiggly-butt walk, toy in her mouth, so I can rub her back. I get some funny puppy growls and noises during her “good morning” routine with me :)
  • Second round of breakfast
  • More playtime
  • Cuddle!

Right now, she’s curled up by my feet, waiting for Nick to come back out of the bedroom – she’s a mess when she doesn’t know where he is. So cute.

While Maggie has two breakfasts, I’m pretty sure my one breakfast tastes better.


I made an oatmeal pancake (oats, egg whites, salt, cinnamon, baking powder) topped with greek yogurt and some local nectarine.


Plus coffee!


I have to say – I’m really enjoying black coffee!

I gave up sweetening my coffee a few years ago when I kicked Splenda to the curb, but I never thought I would drink coffee without milk or cream.

Turns out it’s easy to do when you don’t have any milk or cream in the house ;)

It also helps that this coffee is just good coffee – freshly ground and brewed for the right amount of time. I should do a post on our coffee process some time – it’s a little ridiculous, but it gives us amazing coffee so we’re willing to do it.

Time to work!



  1. I’d like to see your coffee process! I am not a coffee fan unless it is LOADED with sugar and cream. But I always wish that I liked it.

  2. Aww..aren’t dogs just the best way to start the day with a smile!?

  3. I’m with you. I used to load my coffee with a few, ahem, very large pours of flavored creamer and a few packets of sweetener. Over the years though I’ve evolved my coffee drinking to just plain old black coffee, too!

  4. i am soooo with you! i almost always have to have milk in my coffee. however, if i am out of it and the coffee is good quality, then black it is!

    happy monday :)

  5. I mean – she is just so damn cute (and so are you guys!) :) Maggie has quite the life!

  6. Thanks for the pictures of Maggie- we havent seen her in a while! She’s gotten so bigg!! haha I bet that wiggle butt walks a funny sight :P

  7. Maggie is so beautiful!! Love that face!! :)

  8. Cuddly dogs are the BEST!!! Dogs have quite the life, don’t they? :)

  9. I definitely want to cuddle Maggie!

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