Two Biscuits and Some Bread

I had a great day of food.

You know those days where you really love everything you eat? That was today.


I had some (black!) coffee – delicious.

And a tale of two biscuits.


One of my biscuits had 1 egg and some Applegate Farms ham.

The other biscuit just had blackberry jam.

Savory + sweet, plus a local nectarine and raspberries.


After church, we went to lunch with some friends – Mexican! It was really good, but I didn’t have my camera.

And then NIck and I had to go shopping – but I think we checked off everything left on our list!

We’re now stocked on food for the trip and travel essentials like wipes, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, bug spray, shampoo, face wash, and kitchen essentials that we’re taking to the orphanage.

My bread turned out to be my batch so far!


This latest batch?


Apricot Walnut Sourdough.


Yeah….this times two for my afternoon snack ;) So, so good. And the house still smells like freshly baked bread!


Tonight’s dinner was fairly simple, but every part was delicious and fresh.

I had a salad with romaine, carrot, red onion and a homemade dressing.


And for my main dish, I cooked some whole wheat pasta and tossed it with the leftover tomato and basil salad from last night along with the tomatoes I helped can with our neighbors the other night.


There’s just nothing like fresh tomatoes!

A pretty simple, light dinner, but those two big hunks of bread filled me up this afternoon!

Time to cuddle :)



  1. Apricot walnut sourdough bread? That sounds absolutely incredible- better than anything I’ve ever seen in any bakery! :)

  2. i know what you mean, those days when everything seems to taste extra good, and you think you might possibly have a magic touch, everything you cook turns to gold <3

  3. That bread sounds absolutely delicious. You are amazing!

  4. Homemade bread for a snack??? Sounds like heaven to me! :)

  5. I really need to get around to trying my hand at making homemade biscuits–yours always look so good!

  6. That bread looks so good! I have a weakness for warm, yummy, fresh-baked bread. :-)

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