Super Sliders

Last night’s dinner turned out so good!

The perfect summer meal.

I had a lot of snacks yesterday, but I was so busy bee-bopping around the kitchen that I didn’t take any pictures:

  • popcorn with olive oil + salt
  • a few dried plums
  • couple of walnuts while mixing up my newest bread trial ;)


My sister Melissa got this slider maker for Nick and we put it to good use.


It came with a burger press, this basket thing for grilling them, and a little cutter to make your buns the right size. Cute!


I mixed some Virginia ground Buffalo with garlic, salt, pepper, Worchestershire sauce and some oats and let Nick put them in the slider maker.


Nothing like burgers on the grill. And 1 pound of meat filled up the slider maker perfectly! I’m glad I don’t have to have some random weight of meat to fill it up.


Nick got some rolls that were a little too big for one slider, so I cut one in half – perfect size!


I topped mine with a little olive oil mayo, ketchup, mustard, and lettuce.


Plus some fresh corn, a tomato/basil salad, and Exotic Harvest TERRA chips.

We thought about going to The Bank for drinks and dessert but by the time Nick was done working on the car and got inside to shower and cook the burgers, he was just worn out and it was getting late.

Maybe once we get back from Honduras?

We ended up cuddling on the couch with Maggie until bed time – best way to end any day :)

I’m finishing my coffee and getting to church!

Too busy cuddling Maggie to post about breakfast, so that will wait. But it was good!



  1. I love the sounds of that slider maker–looks like it makes grilling burgers more fun & the perfect size!

  2. That sliders basket looks so cute. It would make a great wedding present for some friends. Where did they get it?

  3. That right there is the poster dinner for summer.

  4. Burgers and corn on the cob are a perfect summer dinner! And sliders just make it cute. :)

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  5. Those mini burgers are so cute!

    I can’t wait to see what kind of bread you made.

  6. i love the color of the purple chips beside that munchalicious burger! and the grill flipper contraption for your burger patties rocks!!


  7. I love when they make my favorite foods mini. Next? I hope Eggs Benedict.

  8. Doesn’t everything just taste better miniature??

    Have a nice night!

  9. A slider maker?! COOL!! I love mini foods!

  10. I love sliders – a little meat goes a long way!

    Hope you had a great weekend Brandi! :D

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