Biscuits and Bacon

Saturday mornings are my favorite!

I’m still having some stomach weirdness, so no run this morning :( BUT we’re probably taking Maggie somewhere to walk/run this afternoon so we’ll get in some activity. Plus, if I start feeling better later today, the weather should be perfect for a run.

Up early and no run = time for a big breakfast :)

That means I got to try another biscuit recipe.





Not my best batch, but they’re delicious and buttery and perfect hot out of the oven.

Having this on hand is great for biscuits:


It’s powdered buttermilk that you keep in the fridge – just add water! Perfect for when I forget to buy buttermilk. And you need buttermilk in biscuits. You just do.

I was a little scared of this batch turning out because I totally made up the recipe as I went along – no measuring at all.

These were full of whole wheat and regular flour and quick oats! A total gamble that paid off well :) And I think the whole wheat + oats balance out the stick of butter.


I had mine topped with some homemade blackberry jam we got from our neighbors.


Plus the best bacon, eggs, and lots of fruit.

And Nick is so proud of me today – I drank my coffee black!


I’m not a fan of flavored creamers, but I almost always add a splash of milk or cream to my coffee. We’ve been out of milk for the past few days, so I’ve had no choice! But our coffee is good – I just like having the milk or cream to cool the coffee down a bit so I can drink it right away ;) Guess I just need to be patient and let it cool down on its own!


I’m finishing my coffee, jumping in the shower and getting to town. We’re buying all the rest of the stuff we need for Honduras this weekend so we can pack and I’ve got a hair appointment at 12:30 – my bangs are driving me crazy!



  1. I love when random made up recipes turn out well. Make the day much better.

    Hope you feel back to normal soon. Feeling off is no fun.

  2. I loooooove biscuits!! And healthy biscuits are even better! :) What a gorgeous breakfast!!

  3. FEEL BETTER MS. BRANDI! enjoy your weekend, and i am so excited to read all about your Honduras trip. only wish i could be there :)

    p.s. LOVE the powdered buttermilk – i am going to have to hunt that down!!!

  4. Mmm, my mama would LOVE to be at your house for breakfast on a Saturday morning! Nothing beats homemade biscuits.

    Hope your stomach feels better son!

  5. I’ve never head of powdered buttermilk! That is really cool. I need to find some.

  6. Mmmm I’ve been craving good biscuits!! And I love the mix of grains. :)
    Have fun vacation shopping!

  7. Buttermilk makes biscuits especially wonderful.
    Getting ready for vacations can be a bit stressful, but I think the anticipation is one of the best parts of the trip. Have fun!

  8. Have you tried coconut milk creamer for your coffee? It’s amazing!

    • Yes, I have! I LOVE the original/non-flavored creamer, but I can’t always find it here. Lately, they’ve only the vanilla and I don’t like the flavored varieties.

  9. Those buscuits look good and no measuring?! Wow!
    I always have my coffee black – I just add an ice cube to cool it down. :-)

  10. Oh wow–that powdered buttermilk is SUCH a good idea! I am definitely putting that on my grocery list :-)

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