Behind the Blog: Allison

Howdy! Fridays are fun, and not just because it’s the start of the weekend.

I love posting these Behind the Blog specials – it’s so fun to meet new bloggers and learn more about ones you already know.

And this girl is Fun with a capital F. I met Allison at the Foodbuzz Festival last November, and she is awesome – funny, sweet, and just how you would imagine her to be in real life.

I hope you guys enjoy!


1. What’s your name and blog address?

Allison -  at


2. How long have you been blogging?

Almost 2 years


3. What do you love / hate about blogging?

I LOVE the amazing people I’ve had the opportunity to meet – who have become my FRIENDS – through blogging!
I don’t really hate anything about blogging, but sometimes on the weekends, when I’m REALLY tired

(read: had too much to drink the night before) posting can be a bit of a chore! ;)


4. What’s your favorite color?



5. Favorite movie?

Batman Forever is pretty awesome; I’m a pushover with movies, I like a LOT of stuff!


6. Favorite book?

Anything by Dean Koontz or Jen Lancaster!(my husband is laughing if he is reading this right now – my taste in literature is no where near as cultured as his)

7. Favorite food?

Too many to pick just one!; Pizza, Reubens, Pasta Salad, Gummi Bears, Buffalo Chicken, Fries, Chips – MMMMM :)


8. Chocolate or vanilla?

Both :)

9. Favorite TV show NOW and when you were growing up?

Growing up, I pretty much LIVED for the T.G.I.F line up!

Now? Way too tough to pick one! Office, Parks & Rec, 30 Rock, Dexter just to name a few!

10. Do you like playing sports? Watching sports?

Love playing sports, but only really like to watch College Football (GO BUCKS!!!!)

I’ll also watch volleyball, and sometimes basketball; Everything else I find terribly boring.

11. Are you a coffee or tea person? Or neither?

Both – but mostly coffee!


12. Do you have tattoos or piercings?

No tattoos, at one point I had 8 piercings but now I think I’m down to 2 – just my ears :)


13. Do you have any special talents?

My ring & pinky finger (right hand only) are double jointed, and I can do that weird wavy thing with my tongue

NOT MY TOUNGUE! Thanks Google Images!)


14. If you could go anywhere in the world TOMORROW, where would you go?


15. Last thing you ate?

Everything Bagel with Vegan Garden Veggie “Cream Cheese”


16. When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A teacher – I spent 5 years in college studying to be one, and 1 year as an actual teacher; After that year – I was done, I moved on to business, and haven’t looked back since!

17. What was your favorite subject in school?

Science and Math – I seriously LOOKED FORWARD to both of them!  DWEEB! :)


18. What games did you play when you were younger?

Board games: Hungry Hungry Hippos, Hi-Ho-Cherry-O, Don’t Break the Ice, Candy Land! Other games: Nintendo (nothing beats the original system!) & I’d stay out all night in the summer playing Ghosts in the Graveyard with all the neighborhood kids!

19. Favorite restaurant?


20. Favorite store?

This is lame, but true – TARGET!

21. Favorite animal?




22. Favorite thing to cook/make?

Chili! You simply can NOT mess up chili! :)


23. Most embarrassing guilty pleasure?

Take a bite a huge bite of Swiss cheese, straight from the block!

24. Do you have any nicknames?

Tons! Depends on the person, but they are: Spaz, Mond, Monder, Mondy, Al, Big Al, Alli, AlliCat, AJ

25. List one thing the “blog world” doesn’t know about you but should!

This is a tough one because I try to be totally forth coming on my blog!!! Hmmm, if I had to say something… I’d say I’m WAY goofy, and way more of a potty mouth in real life, than might come through on the blog! Shhhh! Don’t tell!

Thanks for the opportunity to let me talk about myself Brandi! You’re the best! :)

Thanks Allison! ;)


Want to Guest Post? The internet at our hotel in Honduras is always spotty so I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to blog while we’re there. If you want to have a guest post here while I’m gone, email it to me at branappetit [at] gmail! I’d love to have some more to post.



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  1. Two of my favorite bloggers in the same post! You guys are the best!

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  3. i love allison! yah!

  4. Yes! I would love to do this, and I know you sent me the questions awhile back. I love Allison’s blog, it is one I always read, and it is so fun to learn a little bit more about bloggers!

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