Pain. Lots of Pain.

The winner of the TERRA chips prize package is:


I’d love to try the A La Mexicana chips.

Congrats Emily! Please email me your information at branappetit [at] gmail.

There was no dessert last night.

In fact, as soon as I turned my computer off, I started having horrible cramp-like pains that ended up with me laying on our bed in the fetal position with a heating pad from 8:30 until I finally just crawled under the covers and went to bed.

I’m not sure what it’s from, and I’m still not feeling very good this morning, but it does seem to have gotten a little better. I took some Aleve last night and am not sure if that actually helped or things just calmed down a little on their own. I’ve had cysts before and the only thing I can think is that maybe I had one again and it ruptured last night? The pain was horrible and came on pretty suddenly last night, and that’s exactly how they explained it to me, and it was in the right area…but I don’t know.

I’m working from home today and will see what happens. I hope it keeps getting better, but at least I can be comfortable while I work and there is a hospital nearby in case things get worse.

No surprise – we didn’t go running this morning. I was really hoping to go, but oh well.

Health is more important that one run.


I’ve got coffee made

img_9380_thumb img_9391_thumb

and an easy to eat and digest breakfast today.


I just didn’t think anything with dairy was going to sit well in my stomach this morning, so I went with some oatmeal with a peach, raspberries, and some almond butter.


Here’s hoping I start feeling better soon!


Caitlin will be on the Today Show this morning during the 8:30 hour promoting Operation Beautiful!!! Make sure to tune in.



  1. So sorry about your pain last night! Hope it’ll be all gone soon and you’ll be okay. Take care of yourself!

  2. Oh girl, I’m thinking about you! I hope this clears up soon. I’ve been dealing with some abdominal pain all week too…don’t know what’s going on around the blog world. Good for you for taking good care of yourself!

    And in other news, wha hoo about the terra chips! I’m emailing you right now! :)

  3. So sorry you were in pain. I hope you are ok.

  4. Hope you get to feeling better. A good breakfast like that always helps me :)

  5. Hope you feel better soon! Don’t wait too long to go to the hospital if it doesn’t get better!!

  6. hope you feel better soon!!!

  7. Yikes Brandi! How are you feeling now? I’ve had that before, it even hurts just to sit down and stand up. :(

  8. Aww, hope you figure out what’s bugging you and it goes away! The last time I had sharp stomach pain, it ended up being from barley/rye and turned out as a gluten intolerance.

  9. oh my gosh girl, i hope you are feeling better!!!!

  10. Feel better, Brandi!

  11. Oh no Brandi! I hope you feel better- especially with your trip around the corner!!

  12. So sorry about your pain Brandi! I hope it wasn’t a cyst and that it gets better and stays better. Sending healing vibes ~~~~~~~~~ :)

  13. Oh no!! I hope you start feeling better very soon. Also sending you healing vibes!!

  14. Oh no – I hope you feel better!!!

  15. It sounds like kidney stones!! I hope you start feeling better. Lots of water with lemon juice is a great drink! :)

  16. I’m so sorry to hear that Brandi! Pain like that is the worst. it just knocks you down for the day, I’m sorry.

    I hope you feel better soon! :)

  17. “Health is more important than one run” <- SO true! I hope you are pain-free and back to running soon. Your breakfast looks nut butterlicious!

  18. Awww, hope you feel better hun!

  19. So sorry you weren’t feeling well. I’m glad you are feeling better now.

  20. Ouchie! Hope you’re feeling better!

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