I Am Enough.

As I sit here eating lunch, still in my pajamas


unshowered, with my glasses on, I’m reading Operation Beautiful: The Book and it’s just what I needed today.


After the crazy pain I was in last night and the remnants this morning, I was in no condition to go running this morning. And yet, I’ve been upset about it all day. Why? I don’t really know. Maybe I think that one run will make a difference this week. Maybe because Thursday is one of our regular running days. Whatever it is, I’ve been feeling like a failure this morning and I don’t like it. And whatever happened last night to cause so much pain has left me tender to the touch and a little bloated, which is not one of the best feelings to have.

So I read my own story. So crazy to see my words (my words!) in the book.



And I read other notes and stories.







And my mood is changing around today.

I know one day of not running will not kill me.

I know being uncomfortable and bloated is temporary, and I know that taking care of myself by taking it easy until I feel back to normal is the best remedy. And I know that I am enough, as I am, right now.

In all this, I totally just wanted comfort food for lunch. Homemade buttermilk biscuits, to be exact. But I was too lazy to get everything out and make them, so I went with the next option that sounded good.


Egg-in-a-hole. It has been too long.


I took 2 slices of whole wheat bread, cut out a hole with my biscuit cutter (almost the same as making biscuits?) and cracked an egg in each hole in the skillet.

Flipped once, ready to eat!


Those plus some random leftover veggies (broccoli, snap peas, tomatoes) was the perfect lunch. Not too heavy, a little bland – it should sit well in my stomach until I get back to normal, and that’s all I’m asking for today.


So what about you?

What are you proud of today? What note would you leave for yourself today?



  1. I can’t wait to read your story in Caitlin’s book! How awesome!

    I would leave myself a note saying, “It is more important to be happy” because overall I just want to be happy and comfortable in my own skin.

  2. I’m sorry you are feeling down today. Email me if you need a shoulder to cry on.

    Today I would leave a note for myself that says “I am capable”.

  3. Wonderful post! I’m currently following the WW plan and after such a wonderful week filled with moments of self-loving and appreciation, I didn’t want to cheapen it by worrying over a weigh-in.

    I skipped my weigh-in today and I feel great. The scale doesn’t define me.

  4. Sorry you’re not feeling like your usual self. But very glad you have some inspiring words (yours, no less!!) to remind you that you ARE enough, and quite wise for taking off from running after last night.
    And the comfort food looks perfect ;)
    I am proud of myself for staying dedicated with my pony. He deserves it, even if he reminds me of a two year old child sometimes ;)

  5. I was so excited to see your entry when I opened the book! I’m sorry you’re feeling down today, but you’re an amazing person and I hope I get to meet you one day.

    The note I would leave myself would be: Be happy for all the wonderful things you already have.

  6. awww…i am so glad you are in the book! you such a great, caring and kind person – and people need more of those in their lives! take care of yourself and remember, “this too shall pass.”

    hugs and love,

  7. What a beautiful post. I really hope you feel better physically too.

    I would tell myself “You are pretty fabulous, even if you don’t see it every day”

  8. How fun to read your own story! What am I proud of today…I would say taking some time over lunch to go outside and read. It made me feel centered and I truly enjoyed it.

  9. So glad the book provided a pick-me-up for you. You ARE enough! We all are! It’s so great to just acknowledge it sometimes.

    I’m proud of the fact that even though my life has been crazier and more social than I’m used to I’ve been going with the flow and having fun. I wouldn’t have been able to do that six months ago.

  10. I’m definitely going to have to get that book! You’re right, one day of running won’t kill you. As for lunch in pajamas? Do it ALL the time. :) Hope your day gets better!

  11. I can’t wait to get the book! So fun.

    It’s easy to get down on ourselves so easily – for me this past week it was because one dinner turned out horrible. Really, that’s worth getting upset over when there are millions of people who just STRUGGLE to put food on the table, shame on me.

    My note to myself:

    “Make each day your best it can be and be grateful for all that you have, not what you don’t.”

  12. Hope you are feeling better! I am proud of the fact that I never give up, even when I get discouraged.

  13. My book should arrive today, I can’t wait to read it. I used to make myself feel really guilty for not exercising. But you know what? Since I’ve been more lenient on myself I haven’t felt so guilty anymore. There are just some days that I am too busy to get a lot of exercise and some days I just don’t feel like it- and that’s okay! I hope you’re feeling a little better.

  14. Thank you for the beautiful post. Like others have said, I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, but I admire you for honoring the way you feel and taking care of yourself. My note to myself would say something similar: Be gentle, kind, and patient with yourself! :)

  15. I can’t wait to read your story in the book! If you have a chance, check out mine on pages 155-158. :)

  16. Nothing wrong with being in PJs all day..it’s almost 8 here and I still havent changed out of em ;)

  17. I’ve never heard of Egg-in-a-hole

    I saw Caitlin’s interview on the Today show today and it was really inspiring.

  18. Wow you’re in her book! That’s so cool, congrats :) I can’t wait to check it out. You’re such an inspiration–I hope you stay strong and positive!!!

  19. Great post lovely. I’m glad you didn’t push yourself after not feeling well yesterday.

    If i left myself a note i would remind myself of how far my legs can carry me for running and work. It’s amazing the ground I cover! I always underestimate myself!

    And saw your entry in OB book. Tears were in my eyes!

  20. how awesome to see yourself in the book! love love love eggs in a hole.

  21. I’m proud of the fact that I was able to walk all around NYC today after seeing the TODAY show and didn’t get winded or have to take the metro.

  22. I’m glad that the book cheered you up!
    Today I ate a muffin, enjoyed every crumble of it, and I do not feel any guilt. And I’m going to eat a whole huge pizza, and can’t wait for that. I’m proud that I’m getting better, on my own.

  23. You are definitely enough, girl! You’ve been running like whoa lately – you deserve a day off! Feel better :)

  24. Aww what a very cute post! I feel the same way whenever I miss a run or a workout – like my day and myself are somehow less. I have decided I just have to get this book, I can’t wait to read your story babe :)

  25. Unfortunately, this is something I too struggle with at least several times a week. If I miss my workout or eat “too much” chocolate, I often feel both guilt and failure. I can’t wait to pick up the book and read your story! Congratulations :-)

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