Things I want in our next kitchen:

A stand mixer, preferably a KitchenAid.

A dishwasher, besides my two hands.

A pantry. Goodness gracious, I can’t wait to have a pantry.

And a freezer full of these at all times.


After reading this post about 15 times and staring and drooling at the pictures, I decided it was time to make them myself.


I did make them a little healthier. I wouldn’t be true to myself without at least trying.

I knew I would eat too many, so I figured if I made them as healthy as possible, my jeans wouldn’t totally rebel against me. That’s just good logic.


I also made them vegan…and delicious.

Vegan Frozen Chocolate Dipped Cookie Dough, adapted from Joy the Baker’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

Makes 20 1-Tbsp size scoops

  • 1/2 cup Earth Balance (I use the soy free version), softened
  • 1 1/4 cups whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/3 cup applesauce and/or almond butter (or mixture of the two)
  • 1/2 cup dark chocolate chunks
  • Additional 1/2 cup dark chocolate chunks for dipping
  1. In large bowl, cream Earth Balance and sugars until light, fluffy and combined.
  2. Add in applesauce and vanilla.
  3. Blend in the flour, baking soda and salt.
  4. Fold in 1/2 cup chocolate chunks.
  5. Scoop by tablespoon and drop onto baking sheet lined with wax or parchment paper.
  6. Put cut drinking straw or popsicle stick in each dough ball.
  7. Place baking sheet in the freezer and let sit 4-5 hours or overnight until frozen.
  8. When you’re ready to dip, melt the other 1/2 cup dark chocolate in microwave or double boiler. Take cookie dough out of the freezer, dip each one and return to the baking sheet.
  9. Put back in the freezer until chocolate has hardened.
  10. Serve…right from the freezer.

No need for a plate.

In fact, eating these while standing right in front of your open freezer door is the best way to enjoy them. If you’re in your pajamas, that’s even better.


They would definitely look better if I had one of those awesome spring action ice cream scoops, but once you take a bite, you really don’t care what they look like.

They are all the best things about cookie dough, minus the egg and plus a perfectly crispy chocolate shell.

The only change I would make in my next batch (and yes, there will be a next batch)?

I’m going to either use a full 1/3 cup almond butter or do a mix of applesauce/almond butter. I think they might hold their shape better with the thickness of the nut butter compared to all applesauce.

But again – no one cares what they look like once you tell them what they are and once they have one right off the baking sheet in your freezer.


The only bad thing about these?

You can totally tell how many you’ve had from the empty spots on the parchment paper. And it’s a number I don’t want to admit to.



  1. Oh my gosh!!!! Cookie dough’s my absolutely favorite :) My friends and I used to buy logs of the stuff and just eat it straight. But your vegan version’s undoubtable much much healthier- no raw eggs to worry about! I will be trying these, you can bet on that! :)

  2. I know firsthand how dangerous it is. Amazing.

  3. Oh my. I don’t think I could make these and not eat the whole batch!

  4. You, my dear, are PURE EVIL! ;p

  5. Oh Brandi why must you tease me so. But I am bookmarking this for use with my ladies for my next bake sale.

  6. oh my drool. What a great treat. This is heavenly for summer. I love how you lightened it up a bit too. I wouldn’t have time to wait for a plate to eat one of these- right out of the freezer is the way to go !

  7. Yikes!! This will not last long and they come in perfect timing. We are having family from out of town tonight for dinner. Thanks for the great recipe, I can’t wait to try them.

  8. I love how you made these healthier–that way I won’t feel TOO bad about making/eating them. They sound heavenly!! :-)

  9. hehe, these look awesome! i saw them on joy’s site, but you’ve made them just a bit healthier and it’s making me look again. drats ;) i can’t hold out much longer!!

  10. AHHHH these look dangerously good… I need to make these soon. I wonder if a choc chip cookie dough Larabar will do for the time being :P

  11. Well yes of course these would be so much more enjoyable in pajamas! They look delicious…and perfect for the HOT days of summer!

  12. Those look amazing!! And I love that the cookies don’t look perfect. SO much more personality than the perfected cookie balls. Each cookie is unique :) I like my food to be special!

  13. Eeek, that looks good!

  14. I am drooling on my keyboard. Good thing I have a chocolate VitaTop to help cure my cravings right now. :)

  15. Well…these look out of this world good.

    Must. make. immediately. Thank goodness I happen to have all of these ingredients on-hand! :)

  16. Hands down the best part about vegan baking (or non baking) is that you can eat the dough without worries. Or even if the dish doesn’t bake all the way, who cares?! Just eat it and enjoy!

    These look amazing Brandi and great use of the straws for the “sticks”!

  17. I think those things look even better because of how they look so mushy and delicious!

  18. i can’t even begin to explain how much i want to eat a whole tray of these right now. fo. realz.

  19. *DROOL* Oh my gosh, these look incredible. I will have to make a batch as soon as I get back from BlogHer.

  20. OMG. This looks like something my roommate and I need to make STAT.

  21. This sounds absolutely fabulous. I love the idea of eating them straight out of the fridge in my pjs. YUM

  22. Those look SO good! I can’t wait to make them!

    I also always try to veganize and “healthify” any baked goods I make so I feel better about them!! haha, it’s a good trick!

  23. My oh my I wish I had never seen this post! My waist will be sending you a hate letter pretty soon so get ready for it.

  24. oh. my. word. i better not make this because i’ll just eat them all by myself! if i did, i’d have to give them all to others, save two of them for myself! :D

  25. I think I would go all out and make the unhealthy version… but I admire your strength for making them healthier. These would be so dangerous to have in the freezer!

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  28. I’ve just stumbled upon your site and I’m so glad! You seem to use whole-wheat in most of your recipes and I’m already adding them to my bookmarks. :D

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  31. dunno how i missed this post before! i so want!

  32. I totally missed the frozen cookie dough post. It must have been one of my “I’m marking everything in my reader as read” moments. So I’m glad you reposted:)

  33. We just stuck our batch in the freezer…not so sure we can wait 4 hours til they are done!!

  34. Um, I will trade you a canning lesson for some of these…

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  36. Wow…..1st of all, love your blog…..second of all, these are drool-worthy! Like some other comments said, I too admire your attempt to health-ify them! I think I would try your way, why not? It is still cookie dough and chocolate all in one bite:) thanks

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