Fire up the Flavor – Giveaway

Last week, I received some free TERRA Chips to sample and information about their “Fire Up the Flavor” online sweepstakes*.



I’d never tried TERRA Chips before, but their flavors and varieties are great and very different from any other chips on the market.


My box of samples included:

  • Terra a la Mexicana – The latest addition to the Terra Exotic Mix line-up is this classic mix of vegetable chips seasoned with a piquant blend of tomato, black bean and roasted garlic flavors.
  • Terra Original – Terra Original is made up of the classic mix of Taro, Sweet Potato, Yuca, Batata, Parsnip, and Ruby Taro.
  • Terra Blues – Packed with flavor, Terra Blues are flavorful yet but with 40 percent less fat than the leading brand of potato chips and are made with naturally blue potatoes. A vibrant bluish-purple in color with a slightly nutty flavor, these Terra Blues® Potato Chips are deliciously different and the Official Snack of JetBlue Airways®.
  • Terra Exotic Harvest with Sea Salt – This earthy exotic harvest features a medley of flavorful blue potato, sweet carrots and japanese kabocha squash.

The bag I was most excited to open?


Their Exotic Harvest blend, which is made up of blue potatoes, carrots, and kabocha! Kabocha chips! I almost didn’t believe it when I opened the box and saw these.


I haven’t tried every flavor yet, but the exotic harvest blend is delicious. I love the mix of flavors and they have just enough salt. Plus, I tend to like thicker chips (kettle chips, old fashioned cooked chips) over just regular Lay’s and these veggies chips have a great texture!

So, the giveaway!

TERRA Giveaway Image 2010

One lucky person will win this prize package (above).

Want to try some TERRA Chips and see what new flavor combinations you can come up with?

To Enter:

  • Tell me your favorite flavor of TERRA chips OR what flavor you most want to try

For another entry:

  • Tell me a recipe or dish you would pair them with!

The winner will receive a prize valued at $25 that includes four bags of TERRA Chips, TERRA coupons, a martini glass inspired serving bowl and printed Summer Entertaining Guide.


I’ll be choosing a winner Thursday morning.

Good luck!


*The “Fire Up the Flavor” online sweepstakes, running through August 31st, features 25 grand prizes (charcoal grill, serving bowl, $250 grocery gift card, 12 bags of TERRA Chips and a printed entertaining guide) and 50 first prizes (six serving bowls, an array of TERRA Chips and a printed entertaining guide). Open to everyone!

PS: If you want to guest post here while I’m gone to Honduras over the next two weeks, please email me your guest post to branappetit [at] gmail

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  1. Considering i’ve never tried them, I would have to go with the original :)

  2. Hmmmm…..what to pair them with???
    I really like crushed up chips on hot dogs so i guess i could totally sub Terra chips in :D

  3. I have ALWAYS wanted to try these chips. I’m actually not a huge chip person but these veggie chips sound to die for!! I would love to try the original!

  4. I am so happy you are finally able to try Terra Chips! My favorite is definitely the original version – I snack on them almost daily!

  5. as for recipes, I’d bet that they would be great used as a coating for proteins if they were mashed down into crumbs, however, I like to go old-school with them and stick them right into my sandwiches and pita pockets for an extra salty crunch!

  6. I’m not a huge chip person, but I think the carrot chips would be my favorite!

  7. I think chips go best with summer lunches and dinners. A nice burger or hot dog on the grill with some chips and roasted veggies on the side! Eaten on the porch with a tall glass of lemonade! :)

  8. Oh I’ve bought their sweet potato chips before- soooo good! I highly recommend them!

  9. And I would totally serve them at a bbq. They would go perfectly as a side to some grilled eats! :)

  10. These look so good – I would love to try the Exotic Harvest kind.

  11. And I’ve got to agree with everyone else so far – these sound like they would accompany a grilled veggie burger perfectly. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway, Brandi!

  12. I’m already a big fan of the Original flavor, but I’ve love to try that Exotic Harvest blend!

  13. I’d serve them at a cookout alongside a burger straight off the grill. :)

  14. I would love to try the exotic flavor!

  15. I would pair the blue chips with some homemade guac!

  16. I would love to try the Exotic Harvest flavor! It sounds so yummy!

  17. The Exotic Harvest is my favorite!! They are a bit expensive, but sooo worth the money! Delicious

  18. I definitely need to try the kabocha chips–how exciting! :-)

  19. I would make a cinnamon pumpkin dip to go with the kabocha chips!

  20. definitely the kabocha. sounds so interesting.

  21. I love Terra chips! I really want to try the exotic harvest.

  22. I would love to try the exotic harvest; I’ve never tried these!

  23. I would love to try the Terra Exotic Harvest with Sea Salt flavor. They sound so delish!

  24. For a recipe, I would use the Terra Blues as a topping for my homemade tuna noodle casserole. I would crush the chips and use it as a topper. Yum.

  25. I loveeee the sweet potato chips but I’d love even more to try the Mexicana flava!!!! Yummmmo.

  26. I’m with you — definitely the exotic harvest mix!!! I LOVE kabocha!

  27. and i would pair it with… chili? could be interesting with some greek yogurt and scallions, as a substitute for corn bread. mmm.

  28. I’ve tried the original and blue chips before but I would have to say I like the original more since there’s a lot more choices I pick when I’m watching TV!

  29. I think the chips would go great as a side for a salad.

  30. I’d love to try the Exotic Harvest kind!

  31. For a recipe, I’d try coating and baking chicken with smashed pieces of the original Terras for a crunch, tasty, healthier version of fried chicken!

  32. i have never tried terra chips but I think paireed with the recipe for hummus in this months veg times = yummo

  33. My favorite flavor is the blue potato but I would love to try kabocha terra chips!

  34. I’d want to try the TERRA Taro chips!! Anndd I think chips are the perfect combo with egg salad :)

  35. I’d love to try the A La Mexicana chips.

  36. Was I supposed to put the above as two separate entries since I answered both things.. ? :)

  37. I’d add the originals to a sandwich…I’ve always loved potato chips in sandwiches for delicious crunch. I think these would be great on a turkey, dijon mustard, mayo, farmers cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sweet onion sammie.

  38. Ooh exotic harvest sounds delicious! I loooove kabocha too. :P

  39. I would sprinkle them on top of a salad, pair it with a veggie burger, or crush them up to imitate breadcrumbs and coat tofu with it. Easiest would probably just be to munch on them straight from the bag though!!

  40. I’ve seen these chips in the store and have always wanted to give them a try. I think I’d be like you- the exotic harvest bag looks awesome!!

  41. I love these chips! I’ve tried the original and their plain sweet potato chips. YUM! I’d be excited to try the harvest ones. Kobocha squash in chip form – yum!

  42. I want to try Exotic Harvet; carrots!

  43. Oooh, and I think I would pair the chips (any flavor) with some spicy carrot soup!

  44. I love Terra Blues. The thick cut is just so good.

  45. For holidays my mother-in-law makes a hashbrown casserole, I think Terra Blues crumbled on top would add some real pop.

  46. I love the Terra a la Mexicana. And I can not wait to try the Exotic Harvest!

  47. The Exotic Harvest looks awesome! I could see myself being attached to these bags of chips.

  48. I’d love to try the exotic harvest blend!

  49. I think the Terra a la Mexicana would be great in a taco salad – crushed on top!

  50. I really really reallyyy want to try to A La Mexicana flavor!! What an awesome giveaway :)

  51. I would pair them with a sandwich for a quick, yummy lunch – no doubt.

  52. All of them sound so good! I’d want to try ’em all!

  53. Yum. I adore kabocha, although I have never tried that variety. I used to eat the blue ones all the time when I flew jet blue. I sent my post off to you earlier this week so if you didn’t get it, let me know. :-)

  54. Oh my! Those sound SO good!

    I would love to try the Exotic Harvest blend like you. Sounds delicious!

    For a recipe, I would love to use the Exotic Harvest blend to make a crusted chicken breast of some kind. Mmmm.

  55. Oooh, I have drooled over these chips at the store, but never had the guts to buy them! I think the Red Bliss Roasted Garlic & Parmesan Potato Chips sound extra delicious!

  56. Love, love the mixed veggie, especially the sweet potato ones. The blue ones are also amazing.

  57. I have been obsessed with Terra’s original flavor for years. These chips are seriously out of this world, but to be honest, I haven’t tried any of Terra’s other flavors! Hard to believe now when I think about it.. but the Exotic Harvest flavor sounds delicious so I would love to try it.
    Anyway, there have been so many dishes over the years that I’ve paired Terra chips with but I would have to say that my favorite way to eat them is by dipping them in either spinach and artichoke dip or my mom’s smoked salmon and dill cream cheese dip. Both ridiculously amazing and happen to go so well with the veggie chips!

  58. I LOVE the original flavor – haven’t had the opportunity to try the others, but they look SO good!

  59. I’d pair the chips with a grilled veggie sandwich on foccacia. The recipe I love is at under “California Grilled Veggie Sandwich”. YUM – the perfect summer dinner!

  60. I’m going to go with you and pick the exotic harvest! The sound yummy!

  61. I’m entering so I can get the serving dish! LOL! I would love to try the Mexican flavored chips and I think they would be awesome with my black bean and corn salsa!

    P.S. I love the Mongolian Beef post below! That dish looks amazing!

  62. I just made a great grilled vegetable sandwich with hummus and feta the other day that these chips would go great with!

  63. Great giveaway! I would love to try the Exotic Harvest Blend! That’s awesome that there’s real kabocha in there.

  64. The original flavor reminds me of college, when my friends and I felt awesome for “discovering” them…I actually prefer the Mediterranean flavor, but seeing as how my culinary leanings (when not going Greek) also tend toward the Spanish/Mexican, I’m kind of ecstatic to sample the A La Mexicana! :)

    I’d crumble them up on tortilla soup…or gazpacho! [I hope you got my guest post on that by the way!]

  65. omg, i would totally love to try those exotic chips!!!!! i love their sw potato variety :)

  66. i see a black bean, corn, tomato salsa with the Terra a la Mexicana variety!

  67. i’d like to try the potpourri kind!!!

  68. i’ve seen these SO many times but have yet to try them! i’d love the exotic harvest blend! thanks, brandi!

  69. I think they’d be yummy in a sandwich with turkey, avocado, and salsa! I mean, you remember the days when you put chips in sandwiches, right? :D

  70. I never tried exotic harvest blend but that looks AMAZING. I’m obsessed with Kabocha Squash so I feel like I would really enjoy it.

  71. Think the chips would go great with this eggplant dip I make with tahini.

  72. I would love to try the exotic harvest blend!

  73. i want to try the exotic cause i love kabocha!!

  74. I have tried their sweet potatoe chips before and they were really good. I think that I would like to try their exotic harvest blend now!

  75. i would pair them with hummus!or even sprinkled on OATS!

  76. Wow! I LOVE Terra Chips, but I had NO idea they made these flavors (I just knew the original and the blue)! I definitely need to try the Mexicana and Exotic Harvest. Such a delicious snack :)

  77. Wow, you never tried Terra chips before? While on the pricey side, they are delicious – and I stand by their original ones.

    But now I need to find the Mexicana ones! :D

  78. I’m totally eye-ing the Exotic Harvest! I’ve had the regular kind before but would love to get my hands on the exotic ones :)

  79. I would get the exotic ones because I am very exotic.

  80. So far, I’ve liked all of the Terra chips I’ve tried, but hands down, my favorite would have to be the taro chips…I LOVE them!

  81. I love the original flavor, but the new Exotic Harvest sounds like a must-try!

  82. I have never tried any Terra chips. I would love to try the original… but those blue ones are intriguing too!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. ooh I want to try the kabocha chips! How cool!

  84. The exotic harvest chips are totally up my alley!

  85. I would serve the chips with my favorite black bean veggie burgers. Perfect combination, I think.

  86. I love the regular terra chips & I would love to try the blue ones!

  87. Terra chips are great dipped in greek yogurt french onion dip!

  88. i most definitely would have to say the new ones with kabocha! since its my fav squash and all ;)

  89. id love to mash up the kabocha chips with some beans and raw veggies and salsa <3 mmm

  90. wow! I’ve had Terra chips a couple times, but these are some new-to-me flavors (the Mexican and Harvest varieties). That’s a really tough call but I can’t pass up kabocha – I seriously need to get my hands on some of those!

  91. And I think that harvest blend might lend itself to an autumn-kissed soup: warm cinnamon-spiced with goat cheese, a tangy cranberry relish and some crumbled up terra chips for extra color and crunch!

  92. Both the mexican and original flavors look wonderful! I never tried these chips before and I would love to win. Perhaps it is bc I’m craving it but I would pair these with my meat-less BBQ meatball sub. Yumm

  93. the kabocha ones look delicious!!!

  94. I would most like to try the original flavor-just to get a good taste of what they are all about!

  95. I would pair these with a homemade veggie burger-I made one last night with beans, oatmeal and whole wheat flour. The burger was absolutely delish but could have used some crunch in the form of these chips!

  96. I have yet to purchase a bag, but I’ve had my eye on them at the stores for quite awhile. I would love to try the Terra Taro chips!

  97. A dish I would pair them with.. I would chose the sweet potato ones and instead of sweet potato fries that night, pair a turkey burger with them! Maybe add a little ketchup. :)

  98. The original flavour is my favorite… and yes, I’m usually the one who finishes the bag. Delicious!

  99. Hm… maybe I’d have them with something equally exotic and summery, like a Japadog (that’s a hotdog with seaweed and mayo on top) or a nice juicy barbequed burger…

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  101. I HAVE to try the exoctic one WOW yummy

  102. I would make some sort of crunchy wrap and put them inside

  103. i honestly have never tried them, but i am with you – i MUST have a kabocha chip in my life!!!

  104. Ohh lala! The Mexicana looks fab!!!!!!

  105. Growing up my absolute FAVORITE lunch was tuna salad in a pita, and I would shove classic lays in the pita. How GOOD would a curried salmon salad (canned salmon, greek yog, curry powder, green onion and broccoli slaw) pita be with the Exotic chips inside!?!!!

  106. I would like to try the Exotic Harvest chips, just because they look so pretty!

  107. I would simply eat them paired with a homemade salsa and garlic hummus!

  108. I’d love to try the Terra a la Mexicana chips. I’d pair them with my black bean enchilada soup. Mmmm…

  109. oooh exotic harvest, please!

  110. i’d pair them with a nice harvest salad, of course!

  111. cool blog, just added to my favorites.


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