Behind the Scenes

Tonight is all about behind the scenes blog work!

I’ve got a date with WordPress and will be setting up guest posts for our trip starting next week.

I cannot believe we leave next week! This trip has totally snuck up on me. We stocked up on things like Odwalla, Clif, and Larabar this weekend and will be buying the rest of our food this coming weekend and odds and ends that we still need.

Since my food today was all leftovers, I thought it would be fun to just highlight some things going around the blog world:

  • If you didn’t know, Operation Beautiful: The Book dropped today!!! Caitlin will be on The Today Show during the 8:30 hour this coming Thursday! So exciting. (Shameless plug: part of my story is in the book! I preordered mine months ago and can’t wait for it to get here)
  • Heather made her own vanilla-coconut butter – yup, vanilla coconut butter.
  • Jessica posted a recipe that is very close to my heart. Chocolate cobbler makes me think of Cracker Barrel and every single road trip I took with my family growing up. Of course, making it at home just makes it even better.

In preparation for my trip, what are YOUR favorite easy-to-pack snacks to take on trips?

Be ready for a killer recipe in the morning. I warned you.


  1. I love to take baby carrots! They keep well and taste good even if they aren’t cold!

    And peanut butter pretzels! Protein + carbs! They are super addicting though!

  2. You already mentioned you have all kinds of bars with you — but I was going to suggest making granola bars and packing them in baggies. Another idea is to make your own trail mix and bring it along in baggies too.

  3. protein drinks in a can, veg bags

  4. I like to take almonds or homemade snack mixes–you can throw all kinds of things in a bag, just make sure there is some salty and some sweet!

  5. Meal bars are life savers but other than that, PB sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, overnight oats, dry cereal..

  6. bars bars bars and lots of hydrating fruits and veggies. oh and togo packs of jams and nut butters rock too, spread them on crackers with some sliced banana and ur good to go.


  7. carrots & barney butter packets! orrr hummus and wheat thins! rice cakes, freeze dried fruit, or whole apples, bananas, pears, etc. for protein i like string cheese sticks and tuna in the pouch! cocoa almonds are yummy too!

  8. Oh my gosh, the chocolate cobbler at Cracker Barrel – Be still my beating heart! Was that one they served in the mug? Amazing – love me some CB! The checker boards used to make me so happy, and those little wooden games at every table. However, I usually came out an ingnoramis or whatever it was. Hehe.

    I can’t believe Caitlin is going to be on the Today Show. I must get up early and watch tomorrow. So cool your story is in the book Brandi – I want to read it!

    Thanks for the shout-out, and please remember to pack your cooler in your car…don’t leave it in the fridge like we did! :(

    Enjoy your trip!

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