Strawberry Joy

Oatmeal or eggs.

Eggs or oatmeal.

I was already thinking about breakfast last night, and I was having a hard time deciding before I even went to bed. Since I didn’t know what I would want this morning, I went ahead and prepped some overnight oats and had an egg dish made up in my head that would be easy to throw together.


It’s a good thing I mixed up my oats last night, because I was way too hot this morning to even think about a hot breakfast.

Plus, I think this may be one of my best bowls of overnight oats yet!



  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk!!!
  • 1 tsp chia seeds
  • cinnamon
  • pinch of salt


  • 1/2 cup homemade greek yogurt
  • 1/2 – 1 cup strawberries
  • sprinkle of coconut butter


I was all out of regular (plain) almond milk and skim, so I decided to try this unsweetened almond milk in the mixture. Great idea – I loved the slight cocoa flavor it gave my oats!

Tasted a little like an almond joy with strawberries :)


My family gets here tonight!!! Woohoo!!!


What are you looking forward to this weekend?



  1. I’m looking forward to picking peaches and being done with school for a little bit! Enjoy the time with your family :)

  2. I was just pondering the same question and then I realized that we are having egg salad for lunch. (we are traveling and I am packing a cooler). So, oatmeal it will be.

    I am looking forward to today. We are hiking it up to dc to go to Ikea. We have been planning it for a while and I am so excited. I have only been a couple of times but seeing it all over blogland these days has made me really want to go!

  3. I’ve been up for two hours and haven’t had breakfast. You’ve inspired me. I haven’t had oats in a while.

    Strawberry Joy makes me think of a latte I would make at work. :-)

  4. Have a great weekend with your family!

    Having Maggie withdrawals, post a picture please.

  5. Mmm chocolate milk! I’ve been thinking about doing that for a while :) and as for this weekend, I’m looking forward to having nothing to do. For the past few weekend I’ve been everywhere doing everything- I need some down time!

  6. I’m looking forward to cheering my aunts on during their 60 mile walk for breast cancer!

    Enjoy your family time! :)

  7. That looks delicious! I think I’ve had hot oatmeal twice in the last couple months – it’s just too hot for that kind of breakfast! This looks amazing though.

    I’m excited to get my bike back from the shop tonight with new wheels and all tuned up! Woot woot – long bike ride beckons!

  8. I love the chocolate almond milk–it’s so delicious in hot cocoa with stevia and unsweetened cocoa powder! I am really looking forward to visiting the SF Museum of Modern Art and seeing Inception. I can’t wait! Enjoy your Friday! :)

  9. I’m looking forward to my mom coming to visit! I can’t wait to show her my little town! :)

  10. I had overnight oats today too!! Yum :)

    I’m looking forward to this weekend because these are the LAST three days of summer for me. It’s back to school on Monday…

  11. I looking forward to sleep :)

    I absolutely love chocolate almond milk. It reminds me of my elementary school days!

  12. Oo I bet making the oats with a chocolate milk was a nice switch up!

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