Breakfast, Round 2

So…last night, I didn’t want to make a frittata for dinner so I wouldn’t end up having eggs for lunch and dinner today.

Too bad I ended up having eggs for breakfast and lunch anyway! I guess it is a good thing I’m not also having eggs for dinner, but, honestly, I love eggs so much that I wouldn’t mind.

I was originally planning on oatmeal for breakfast this morning, but as soon as that bacon hit the pan, my plans changed.

And I just couldn’t get this lunch out of my head.


Yes, eggs + beans + grains + veggies is now one of my favorite meals. I’d never even made a dish like this until a few months ago, and now it’s all I want for lunch on the days I work from home!

It’s a great way to clean out the fridge and use up random leftovers, too. I was able to use 2 more zucchini and squash in this dish!


Today’s layers:

  • mix of leftover Spanish brown rice (tomatoes, peppers, corn) and last of the barley, corn, tomato, and bean salad plus sauteed zucchini and yellow squash with chile powder and garlic
  • fat free refried beans
  • 2 over easy eggs
  • avocado
  • salsa


A complete meal in one bowl: whole grains, vegetables, protein, healthy fat and a ton of flavor.

Who says eating healthy and balanced has to be tough or bland, for that matter?


What’s your favorite and most flavorful healthy / balanced meal, the one you would make for someone else just to PROVE that eating healthy isn’t boring?

I’d say homemade Mexican meals would be one of my top choices. It’s SO easy to make healthy Mexican meals at home and have a TON more flavor than the greasy dishes you get at restaurants.



  1. Eggs + beans + grains + veggies is one of my favorite meals, too! I love over easy eggs that are a bit runny on top of brown rice or quinoa… In fact, I think that’s what I’ll have for lunch! :)

    I like making pasta dishes healthier by using brown rice pasta and lots of veggies.

  2. On my boring hot days that I don’t want to cook I’ll have eggs for lunch and dinner.

    I love to have lots of beans and veggies with barley. It’s just my go to combo with different kinds of spices and sauces.

  3. I don’t think it’s all well balanced, but people are blown away by gluten-free, vegan pizza and cupcakes

  4. Any variation of skillet cooked veggies.

  5. I’d probably go the Mexican route too. Or pasta, proving that WW pasta doesn’t taste like cardboard and pasta doesn’t have to be drowning in a heavy red sauce for it to be yummy. :)

    I love that bowl of lunch goodness! Totally fun, add in some Fage and I would be inhaling that bad boy!

  6. I love making huge salads that have WAY more than veggies. My tastiest, most filling salads also have corn, beans, roasted veggies, tofu or grilled meat/fish, avocado, and salsa or lemon juice on top. Otherwise, healthy fish tacos are the best! We bake tilapia, and serve it with/without whole wheat tortillas. Toppings include: cabbage, black beans + red peppers + onion mix, salsa, and fresh mango and lime. Delicious, healthy, fresh!

  7. ohhhh i have missed your bloggin’! just did a quickie catchup on some posts.

    i love eggs!

  8. Mine would have to be pasta, wraps, or bean burgers! Sometimes salads too.

  9. I make a tajine, Moroccan style, full of roasted root veggies, peppers, chickpeas, dried fruit and nuts, and serve it over couscous. Throw in a few stuffed dates for dessert, and folks are usually pretty satisfied.

  10. I would have to agree that homemade Mexican is a great way to go for healthy, flavorful meals. Also on my list of un-boring nutritious food favorites: stir fried veggies and tofu over brown rice (adding chilies or crushed red pepper to your sauce gives it even more punch) and oven roasted vegetables, roasted in olive oil and a bunch of your favorite herbs, over cous cous.

  11. Um yum?! What an awesome combo! I need to start writing all this stuff down haha :)

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