Best Bacon

Zumba is still kicking me!

Sitting is fine. Standing is fine.

Going from standing –> sitting or sitting –> standing…and my butt feels like it’s going to fall off my body.

Since I was crawling out of bed like I was 87 years old instead of 27, we decided to put off our morning run today. We’ll be able to go this weekend, and by then, I hope to actually be able to move my legs in a running motion.

Breakfast today included the best bacon ever.


This bacon goes from a farm in Pennsylvania –> the Amish market in Harrisonburg –> my happy stomach.


I’m not sure what’s different about their curing process, but it’s delicious. It’s thick cut and a bit saltier than any other bacon we get, and perfect.

Bacon, eggs, local fruit + Kona coffee, freshly made in the syphon.

I just took Maggie out for a bathroom break, and now she’s going crazy. Guess that means it’s time for work!

I’ve got a busy day ahead – my mom, sisters and brother in law are coming to visit this weekend, so I’ve got a lot on the agenda today (including working my 8 hours).


What’s your favorite meal / dish to make for friends and family? I’m trying to plan a grocery trip, but can’t decide what to put on the menu for this weekend!


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  1. I always make dessert for friends and family. It’s what I make best and i figure everyone loves desserts!

  2. I need to find some of this bacon! I live in Pa… I wonder if they have it around here??

  3. I think it’s nice to have a quiche or breakfast muffins around for a quick option in the morning when some people are up and some people are sleeping!

  4. I used to be a dancer, so I know what the soreness feels like. It’s awesome! I haven’t tried zumba at my gym because I feel like the instructor doesn’t teach it the way it’s meant to be taught. She kind of just makes up her own dance moves and shakes around the room to Britney Spears.

    This is so simple, but my favorite meal to prepare for my family is scrambled eggs. They love the way I make them for some reason.

    I thought bacon would be the one thing I missed when I became a vegetarian. I was wrong. The smell kind of makes me sick now. I still it sounds and looks good, but I don’t miss it. :-)

  5. I usually like doing something that is a “build your own”/buffet-style when I have house guests because we all usually have such different preferences. It makes it easier for everyone.

    But I do always insist on having a pancake breakfast at some point. Because pancakes are just fantastic.

  6. Gotta love those PA farmers markets! The Amish make some jammin produce & baked goods! Have fun with the fam. I like to make pulled pork for mine because its easy and everyone loves it! Just throw it in the crock pot in the morning and its done by dinner time

  7. Favorite meal to make is lasagne.
    I have this pan and each slot I can make something different.
    2 slots sausage
    1 slot plain
    1 slot veggie

    Not the healthiest thing, cant wait to see what you make!
    (add banana bread and nutella to your shopping list)

  8. Haha – I’m still sore from teaching Group Power on Tuesday and I have to teach again tonight!

    I always cook dessert for my guests – it’s what I’m good at!

  9. I have a recipe for tuna and green salsa enchilladas that is easy to throw together and everyone seems to like. I also do ‘smores pie pretty much everytime I have to bring a dessert.

  10. Ahhhhhh the ONLY bacon I love anymore comes from the meat market in town…their meats are all produced & processed at the farm 5 minutes from our house! And they cut their bacon the same way! Slightly thicker, smokier & saltier…but renders off so much less fat. LOVE!

  11. I don’t have a favorite meal to make for guests, it’s always dependent on their tastes, what I have on hand, and what I’m in the mood to make. I’m not in the least bit helpful, sorry :(

    • Seriously! I think I’m fine until I go to stand up :) Then I have to move really slowly…

  12. Healthy veggie and turkey bacon or ground turkey sausage egg bake. I can send the recipe if you are interested. Monkey bread is also always a hit

  13. Glad to hear that Zumba is such a “butt-kicking” workout haha.

    I always serve my guests something like sloppy joes, because I’m rudimentary like that, and everyone always loves them.

  14. How about grilled pizzas? They can build their own, it less clean up for you and it’s a great way to use up some of your veggies. Plus it would just be neat to try it!!!

  15. ahhhh i can’t believe your honduras trip is only two weeks away! how i wish i could go with you! if i have time, i will try to whip up a guest post for ya.

    other than that, this post has me craving bacon, which is funny because i am not a bacon person. however, lately that salty wonder has been making me drool.

    happy day brandi!

  16. In my family it is always a dish called welshman’s mess. It is heritage and it includes bacon. Whenever Hunni and I go to my house it is one of the first things they serve us. It just tastes like home.

    Now that I’m a vegetarian my mom is experimenting with tempeh bacon for me.

  17. Yes! I’ve had bacon from an amish market in PA before and it was fabulous!

    Kona Coffee=the best! We tried Kauai coffee in Kauai but it wasn’t nearly as good.

    I love making lasagna or enchiladas for family. Casserole type dishes are always easy and fun.

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