Zumba Kicked My Butt



I pulled a muscle in my butt that I didn’t even know I had.

And I loved every minute!

It was so much fun!

Zumba is totally different than anything else I’ve done and it was a nice change from running and things like BodyPump and the 30 Day Shred. I think having variety is definitely important, and I really hope to be able to keep going and/or get the DVDs so I can do it at home.

I got home at 9 pm (the class was from 7:30 – 8:30, and we needed dog food), grabbed 2 big glasses of water and settled in for White Collar – and then I took a shower, got in my pjs and crashed :)

It was a great night!

And my butt / right leg are still feelin’ it this morning ;)


What do you do for activity?

Run, walk, lift, zumba?

After the class last night, I’d say my very favorite activities are:

Hiking, BodyPump, and Zumba. All fun in their own ways.

I also used to do Richard Simmons’ Sweatin’ to the Oldies at my Mammaw’s house after school. He may be crazy, but I can still do the pony!


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  1. Glad you loved it!!! To stay active I do yoga, play tennis when I can, horseback ride, and workout..I wish my gym had classes like Zumba (even though I’m personally not much of a fan) or BodyPump! I’d totally hit up those BodyPump classes every chance I got :D

  2. Hi Brandi! Wow, looks like fun! I should really try it– I hear it’s fantastic but still haven’t gone.
    I like running and power yoga, and biking sometimes too.

  3. Since I don’t belong to a gym currently, I really enjoy running, tennis, and basketball. My husband and I can enjoy this together on summer evenings. We are soon moving and our apartment complex has a gym so I’m stoked to mix things up a bit!

  4. The picture is priceless!
    Maybe you should sit on a heating pad today.

    • that’s not a bad idea!! Too bad I don’t have one at work :)

      The stairs were KILLER walking up to my office today.

  5. Sounds like such a great workout! I’m mostly a runner for getting my cardio in, but I am always open to trying new things. My friend Annie just gave me a resistance band for a new way to get some strength training in… and I’m sort of intimidated!

  6. Glad you enjoyed Zumba! I’ve never tried it, but I have a friend who is an instructor and she ADORES it! :)

    I’m currently loving Body Pump!

  7. that sounds fun, it’s like dancing

  8. For activity I run 3 days a week and go to spinning class the other 3. I’m also attempting to enjoy yoga but have yet to succeed. If I could do anything (meaning if I had the money) I would love to learn ballet, thats sort of a dream of mine.

  9. Isn’t it fun??? My hips don’t really move like that, but I try! :)

    I love trying new things – keeps me interested!

  10. Mixing it up is muy importante, no? I agree. I mostly run and then pepper the rest of my time with yoga, body pump and bike rides! I need to buy a tennis racket and make more of the courts at the end of our street…

  11. Right now all I do is run and BodyPump – but I need to be doing yoga and the elliptical too.

    I am glad you loved Zumba! I want to try it.

  12. Such a great post-Zumba face!! For activity, I love: running, hiking, swimming, cycling, spinning, and dancing. I’ve never tried Zumba (I’ve always felt a little intimidated at my gym!) but now I really want to! I would love to mix in more yoga, too.

  13. You know, I went to a zumba class one time and it’s the only time I walked out of a class before it was over. I felt it was such a waste of time, my heart rate wasn’t rising at all! But I’ve heard great things about this activity so maybe this was just a really bad instructor.

    My workouts of choice are lifting (I follow New Rules), HIIT cardio (either on the arc trainer or Cathe dvd’s) and running :)

    • I think it might really depend on the instructor – I was sweating SO much in the class last night and my heart rate was up there for almost the entire class!

  14. I’m jealous. I’d love to try Zumba or Bodypump! They don’t offer either class near me.

  15. Yay! So glad to hear that you enjoyed Zumba! It is my favorite workout :)

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