Snickers Shake + Platter Dinner

Snickers in smoothie form – can it be done?


Yes, it can.


  • 1 container Caramel Oikos
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1 Tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp Ah!laska Chocolate Syrup on top
  • sprinkle of salted, crushed peanuts

Blend yogurt, milk, ice, and cocoa powder. Top with syrup, peanuts, and enjoy!


I don’t normally use yogurt in smoothies, but I will from now on! And the caramel totally came through – it had all my favorite parts of a Snickers bar :) Chocolate, caramel, peanuts.

Work was work – it’s Monday, so things were busy.

This smoothie got me through the afternoon!

And dinner turned out great!

I’ve seen Ina make this dish a few times (hello, reruns) and I want it every time I see it.


I finally made it happen! A Salmon Nicoise Platter.

I roasted some Wild Alaskan Salmon (a good choice, according to my Seafood Watch Pocket Guide) at 475 for about 10 minutes, topped with a mixture of whole grain mustard, roasted garlic mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper.


While the salmon was cooking, I boiled some baby yukon golds, steamed the green beans in the microwave, and peeled some hard boiled eggs I made earlier today.


Once everything was cooked, I sliced the eggs and some tomato from our neighbors garden, got the olives out, and made a quick dressing (olive oil, dijon, vinegar, salt, pepper, oregano).

Then just plate, drizzle some dressing, and dig in!


I loved that it felt like a salad with all the components and dressing, but it wasn’t. And every piece was delicious!

Freshly steamed green beans, creamy yukon gold potatoes, bright and juicy tomato, fatty salmon and egg, briny olives.


And the platter salad went really well with a local brew Nick brought home with him.

Shooting Creek Brewery is in Floyd, VA, and their Rebel Rye Ale is our favorite!

We just finished eating, I’ve got my lunch and snacks packed for tomorrow…all that’s left is to finish this post, maybe take a walk with Maggie, and settle down for the night.

I’ve got a fun recipe for you tomorrow! ;)



  1. Snickers smoothie… now that is genius.

  2. I love desserts in milkshake form. It makes it so easy to eat :-)

  3. Great looking salad – I made a nicoise variation a couple of weeks back using lavender in the dressing. Very summery indeed!
    That smoothie is inspired – I especially like the bear on the Ah!laska brand of cocoa- I’m apparently five, ’cause I buy that brand pretty much because of the cute polar bear on the label :)
    Rebel Rye is an awesome beer. Can’t wait to get to Floyd later this August!

  4. You are brilliant my dear! Snickers ice cream bars were my favorite thing ever (actually they probably still are!) and I think you may have found a “healthy” version of this delicacy! :)

  5. A Snickers smoothie? Oh my gosh, I would so love that right now. Salad looked really good too Brandi…but I think I want the smoothie more. ;)

    Enjoy your walk with Maggie if you go and have a good night!

  6. Snickers in candy bar form can NEVER be that creamy and frothy :) YUM.

  7. I want that smoothie right now!!

  8. i love dinner plates like this that really let the true flavors of each part shine through, so lovely too! as for the snickers shake — ummmm holyyyyyyy yum that looks good!

  9. That smoothie/milkshake looks and sounds through-the-roof amazing!

  10. Omigosh, that looks spectacular. Much healthier than a snickers bar I’m presuming too.

  11. That smoothie sounds fantastic! YUM!

  12. DANG!! that looks like quite the masterpiece!!! crunchy sprinkling of nuts ontop *swoon* *swoon*

    mm and the potatoes and eggs and salmon and veg!! thats what i call a good home cooked meal!!


  13. Snickers smoothies?!?!?! How I wish there are caramel oikos in our stores!

  14. I just bought 2 packs of the caramel yogurt. Guess what I’m making tomorrow???! :)

  15. Ina Garten is my hero. Everything she says has to be good. It just has to. What a lovely fresh meal!

  16. omg, i totally want that smoothie!!! fabulous :)

  17. The snickers shake looks AMAZING!!! And your dinner reminds me of the time I spent in Southern France…. :)

  18. Your eats for today look so amazing! First the Snickers smoothie, then the nicoise platter?! What an amazing day! I love the idea of a nicoise platter–it’s a great combination of tastes, textures, and nutrients, and it makes for a great summer meal. Thanks for sharing!

  19. all your eats on this post look amazing. i love the nicoise platter – fancy!!!

  20. Snickers in a glass! I love it. I’m makin’ it. :)

  21. Oh my gosh Snickers are my favorite!!! I used to freeze them and gnaw on them like that when I was younger. Ahhh thank you thank you!

  22. Your smoothie sounds fantastic. Iwas wondering where the caramel was going to come in, but it sounds like the yogurt was the perfect way to bring it in. Delicious.

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  24. Brilliant idea with the shake–Snickers are definitely in my top 5 favorite candy bars, so this would be great!

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