Snack Monster

I don’t know what’s up with me the past two days, but I’ve been all about the snacks!

Today’s choices?


I was pretty hungry again not too long after lunch, so I had a bowl of my homemade greek yogurt, strawberries, and some Galaxy Granola (Vanilla).

Then, around 4 pm, I had one of my favorite Amazing Grass items.


Their chocolate superfood bar! Never in my life would I have imagined I would love a bar made of greens, but it really is good. Nick likes them, too! And they’re so good for you.

Dinner was supposed to be leftovers, but we need them for tomorrow night so Nick and I went to a local place for dinner.


Mikie’s 7th, which operates a small restaurant (with amazing pizza!) and is run by a family that owns their own grass feed beef and pig farm just a few miles away.


I got a Boylan Diet Root Beer to go along with my salad. I know – we eat here for their pizzas – but I really wanted to try their Cobb salad tonight.


All the meat they serve is from their farm, but they also get produce from local farms.

This salad was full of tasty stuff!

  • Local mixed greens
  • tomato
  • avocado
  • grass fed bacon
  • grass fed ham
  • homemade croutons(!!!)
  • goat cheese


Their bacon is smoky and delicious. The goat cheese was creamy and tangy. The avocado was perfectly ripe. And those croutons!!! So oily and filled with herbs. I could have eaten an entire plate of those alone!

After we finished eating, we went and bought Maggie a new dog bed for her kennel. Her other one was pretty much useless – she had chewed it to pieces, but I think she’ll love this new one.

I’m catching up on Glee and getting ready for Burn Notice – it’s a good Thursday night :)



  1. I need to find some of that Galaxy Granola. Everytime I see it I wish there was a full bag here to reach into :) It doesn’t look out-of-the-normal extraordinary..but after hearing so much about it I know it is!

  2. I love Boylan sodas. My favorite is Ginger Ale.

  3. Yum yum. Not one, but TWO snacks between meals? Yes, please!! :D

  4. wow they sure top the cobb salad with AMAZING assortments. homemade croutons! could it get any better? oh wait it did, the root beer! Boylan Sodas are incredible, theyve got a nice bite to them which i really like :)


  5. wow, that cobb salad looks off the hook! ooh, i forgot i didn’t watch burn notice! have a great weekend :)

  6. I am jealous of that salad. (And I completely commiserate with you on days of endless snackage.)

  7. I love Boylan’s – the diet root beer and a little vanilla frozen yogurt makes for summer bliss!

  8. I just tried their peanut butter and berry superfood bars. So good! I am completely hooked!!


  9. Brandi that restaurant sounds amazing! I love croutons and that salad looks outta control yummy :D

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