Snack Attack

I had the best snacks today!

First up – an amazing smoothie that I made this morning and brought with me to work.


  • 1 packet Amazing Grass Chocolate Infusion Meal
  • 1 cup milk
  • ice
  • 1/4 cup or so frozen cherries

I love their Chocolate Meal! I think my favorites are a tie between the chocolate meal and the pomegranate mango flavor, but they do have a new vanilla chai that sounds pretty amazing ;)

Snack #2 was smaller, but I needed just a little something with a big glass of water while waiting for dinner.


I bought these Chocolate Chip Cookies from The Raw Bakery/Blue Mountain Organics a while ago and forgot I had a few left! I’ve had them in the fridge, and I guess they were hidden behind something in the door.


It’s definitely not a fresh out of the oven cookie, but they’re delicious! Kind of crunchy, kind of soft, with a hint of vanilla that is perfect with the cocoa.


And you just can’t beat those ingredients: almonds, agave, cashews, coconut, cacao, flax, and vanilla. Plus, they’re from a local company! Even better.

Dinner tonight turned out really well. I made a marinade up at the last minute, but it worked great on the happy, free range chicken.


I made a tequila, lime juice, orange juice, cumin, and garlic marinade and let the chicken hang out in the fridge until Nick was ready to grill it.

And while that was working, I cooked some brown rice with onions, peppers, chili powder, and garlic to have with some avocado.


Plus some local corn!

I was thinking while I was eating dinner tonight – I’d just about eat anything if it had avocado on top. Avocado cake anyone?


Guess what I found on sale today?


Yup. Another Ted Dekker book. Told you I’m addicted! And this one sounds just as creepy and consuming as the last 3 I’ve read.


And just as a heads up: I will be having dessert tonight. And it will more than likely be a grilled nutella + jam sandwich. That’s all I’ve been thinking about after Heather’s post today.


Time to read!



  1. Guess what! I totally thought of you when I scored a jar of White Chocolate Wonderful for $2.99.

  2. Nutella is practically a religion onto itself. Years ago, a coffee roaster out in NorCal put out a limited edition, Nutella-flavored coffee. I almost cried.
    Enjoy that dessert!

  3. Those cookies look great. I hope I can find places soon that sell things like that.

  4. Mmm, tequila in a marinade? Ole, missy!

  5. Those cookies look interesting. Our EarthFare has a brand a lot like that..I’ll have to check if they have cookies like those, too! :P

  6. I went to a used book store with my friend today and found a great deal on a book I have been wanting to read. I’m loving it.

  7. Snacks look good, miss you lots


  8. I love your dinners – wish I made balanced meals every night!

  9. I still want to try the Amazing Grass smoothies mixes..they always look like they make super smoothies :-)

  10. Those chocolate chip cookies from Blue Mountain are fabulous…but that tequila marinated chicken looks amazing! I have got to try that recipe soon. And you can’t go wrong topping it off with fresh avacado:) yum!

  11. theres so many great books on sale!! i love getting book deals!!!

    mmm and cumin tastes so good in recipes, ive been using quite a bit lately and its been so good with beans or grains especially <3


    ps. im jealous of the raw chia cookies! the fact that u have access to those yummies is sad yet exciting for you! hehe

    • Ha :) I am lucky that they’re local, but you can buy all their products online, too! They have the cutest agave bear.

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