Baking Itch

Today has been a little hectic, but breakfast was perfect.



I had about 2 Tbsp of White Chocolate Wonderful pb left in my jar and decided that would be just the right amount for some creamy oatbran.

Since I know I use more pb in the jar than when I scoop it out on top of a bowl of oatmeal, I always keep the actual oat filling pretty simple.

Today’s mix?

  • 1/3 cup oatbran
  • 1 cup water
  • pinch salt
  • cinnamon
  • 1 cup diced strawberries


I haven’t bought bananas in a few weeks now. I kind of miss them in my oatmeal, but not much! I’ve been so busy buying up local fruit that I just don’t even think to pick them up at the store. No need for bananas when we have fresh peaches, nectarines, and berries up to our eyeballs.

Lunch line up!


Get ready to see a lot of this meal :) We still have a ton of the beef and bulgur mixture left, so it will probably be my lunch for the rest of the week until it’s gone. Good thing I love it.


Beef and bulgur in 1/2 a roasted yellow pepper.


Local zucchini + yellow squash + tomato, plus some homemade hummus.

So many colors in my lunch!


Plus the last of my cantaloupe and more wineberries!!! I was so excited to see them at the market this weekend, but it may be the last week we get them. They have a very short season (just 3 weeks or so), so we’ll enjoy them while we can :)

Lunch time = errands today. I had a bunch of stuff to go do and not enough time to do it! Eat, bank, return milk bottle, back to work. I hate filling my lunch break with errands, but I’m happy to have them done.

After bouncing around a few recipe ideas in my head, I came home with an itch to get in the kitchen and start baking!

Good thing it turned out awesome ;)


Recipe coming soon! I’ve got to think of a name for these beauties.

Once the baking was done and I got my lunch packed for tomorrow and a fun breakfast prepped(!), I made my dinner.

The plans were leftovers, but I really wanted eggs. So I combined the two and wound up with a delicious mix.


I took some of the tabbouleh from last night, heated it up for about 30 seconds and had it waiting on my plate while I sauteed 1/2 a zucchini and yellow squash with half a tomato.


After the veggies were cooked, I cracked two eggs in the pan and then layered them on my tabbouleh with a little extra parsley.


I don’t know what it is about eggs and whole grains, but I think they’re a perfect match. The yolks are rich and buttery and they highlight the nuttiness of whole grains, especially bulgur and brown rice.

I’ve got a big night ahead of me!


Watching White Collar! 

I’ve been waiting for this since last Tuesday ;)



  1. I can’t wait for the recipe! The finished product looks pretty natch!

    White Chocolate Wonderful is such a treat. I need to get some of either flavor or the cinnamon raisin swirl, stat.

  2. Mmm, whatever you were up to in the kitchen sure does look delicious! ;)

  3. That breakfast looks delicious!! I wouldn’t be able to go a day without bananas now. I used to never ever eat them but now I have 2-3 a day at least!

  4. from far away i thought that was a full jar of peanut butter. haha i thought “no way she was able to eat that whole jar!!” hehe <3

  5. Your meals look absolutely delicious. I have yet to do the oatmeal in peanut butter jar breakfast, but looking at it makes me drool. Your eggs look perfectly made, by the way : )

  6. The good and bad of getting down to the last couple tablespoons of nut butter: you can enjoy your oats right in the jar but sadly right afterwards you have to remember to replenish supplies!! Haha that idea sounds great… I’ll definitely try that when I get to the bottom of my jar of AB.

  7. I’m a huge fan of grains and eggs. I crave huevos rancheros all the time now.

  8. such a colorful post!! i think eggs are good anytime of the day.

    i keep my oats pretty plain too if i do OIAJ. actually i like plain oatmeal sometimes too. is that weird? lol.

  9. I love eggs for dinner!

    Bananas are a staple in our house – not sure what I’d do without them! :)

  10. This post is packed with yummy goodness!!!

  11. I’m not sure if you’re a spinach kind of girl, but runny yolk + spinach = delicious in my book. I’ve never had wineberries, I will need to investigate at the next farmer’s market.

  12. That breakfast looks delish! I love PB but white chocolate, not so much. Do you think I would still like White Chocolate Wonderful? I am debating whether to buy it or not! haha!

    • Probably!

      Honestly, I’m not a fan of white chocolate, but this pb is irresistible. It just tastes like sweet, salty pb that’s extremely creamy and smooth.

      If you don’t like it, you can mail the rest of the jar to me :)

  13. That PB is my favorite!!!

  14. Everything looks delicious! I always forget how good oat bran on its own can be since I always mix it in with “normal” rolled oats.

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