Running, Working, Straining

Happy Monday!

Glad to see you guys are enjoying the Oikos giveaway – I think it’s a great one ;)

Nick and I started our week off on the right foot with a 3 mile run this morning.

It was muggy. I was really slow. And sore, thanks to my 20 minutes with Jillian yesterday. But we went! And it was a good run overall.

After we got back and showered, we worked on breakfast + coffee, aka the most important things to have on a rainy Monday morning.

Yup, it started raining again once we got home. We need it! Our lawn is brown, but I am glad it held off until we got home from the run.


This morning was all about local food.


Locally baked whole wheat everything bagel with one egg and some Applegate Farms Canadian Bacon (the best!).


Local white peach + local blueberries.

It was exactly what I wanted after that run this morning.

I’ve been working, working, working all morning and just broke for lunch!


Leftover beef + bulgur from last night, stuffed in a red pepper half along with some local zucchini and yellow squash, sauteed with some garlic and oregano.


I’ve got more yogurt straining for a recipe tonight!


I also have my first ever batch of completely homemade / local yogurt in the fridge! I made my crockpot yogurt yesterday and the yogurt I added in before the last resting time was the leftovers from the yogurt I made last weekend, so it’s all made of the local milk we get! Awesome :)


PS: Here are my two favorite pictures from our weekend trip to Glen Alton.


A crazy orange mushroom on a fallen tree.


2 of my 3 loves, swimming in the pond.

This picture just makes me happy :)


What did YOU do this weekend?



  1. These pictures are so great! Way to go with the homemade yogurt, too–that is so fabulous. This weekend, I went to a combined bridal/baby shower for two friends and enjoyed some fun in the sun here in HOT Los Angeles. Have a great week! :)

  2. This weekend was a fun one! My boyfriend and his dad are both in bands and both had gigs this past weekend, so that was fun. We also played with the dogs and brought them to the dog park a few times!

  3. That picture is so adorable – our pup is just learning to swim and it’s so odd the sense of pride I felt when it finally clicked for him. :) That breakfast looks yum-o

  4. that last picture is priceless!! love it :) and what a breakfast! i got to do some raspberry picking on some rather bare bushes… but it was worth it!

  5. Awwe that picture of Nick and Maggie is precious! :)

  6. Mmm, a breakfast sandwich sounds so good right now!

  7. Your breakfast look so patriotic :D I think it’s really cool that you all run together.

    Lunch looks great too – hmmmm, I am not even hungry LOL

    You are definitely turning into the yogurt queen! Can’t wait to see the new recipe.

  8. I wonder if that mushroom is edible – I love foraging for mushrooms in the woods…still learning which are good for eating though.
    I spent this weekend on an educational farmstead in New Hampshire – D Acres. Wrote all about it on my blog, as I was amazingly impressed by their commitment to local foods and community outreach. Everything we ate came fresh from the garden, alongside home-milled and baked bread. I got to get my hands dirty in the garden, and took a couple of oxen on a walk (much like herding cats.) Very cool weekend!

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