Organic Chocolate Indulgence Giveaway

You read that right :)

Free chocolate? What a great way to start the week!

Oikos is offering a really fun Organic Chocolate Indulgence Giveaway and this is your chance to win!

As you may know, I love Oikos yogurts. I love the taste, the texture, and the price compared to other greek yogurts (especially organic ones!).

I also completely support Stonyfield and all the work they do, and I love being able to buy products from them and know what my money is being used for. Because Oikos is organic, it’s made with organic milk from farms that don’t use toxic persistent chemicals and fertilizers, antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones. Through their purchases of organic ingredients, annually they support over 180,000 acres of organic land.

As part of the giveaway, I was sent coupons to try their new Chocolate and Caramel Oikos yogurts.

oikos_4pk_caramel oikos_4pk_chocolate










If you’ve ever had the Stonyfield Chocolate Underground yogurt, you’d love the Chocolate Oikos! It has that same deep cocoa flavor but with the greek yogurt texture.img_8717_thumb


While I enjoy the chocolate…there’s just something about this caramel yogurt.

It is such a great dessert – decadent, creamy, and still a healthy snack!


On to the giveaway!


Here’s what you can win:

– 1 coupon for a free Green & Black Organic Chocolate Bar

– 1 sample of Numi Organic Chocolate tea

– 1 Dagoba/Eco Lips Organic Chocolate chapstick

– 1 Skinnyskinny real cocoa organic soap bar

– 2 free coupons for Chocolate and Caramel Oikos multipacks

– Recipe card set featuring Chocolate Cheesecake, as well Oikos spatula


Pretty sweet, huh? I wish I could enter my own contest ;)


Want to enter?

Watch a YoTube video and comment on something you learned about organics, or organic farming, etc.

For additional entries:

  • Leave a comment on this post telling me how you would eat chocolate or caramel oikos! Would you add fun dessert mix-ins? Put it over a brownie or slice of cake? Use it in a smoothie?
  • “Like” Stonyfield on Facebook and let me know you did
  • Follow Stonyfield on Twitter and let me know you did
  • Head to the ‘Organic and You’ page and comment on what you found most interesting


I’ll be choosing the winner Thursday morning – Good luck!



  1. I learned by eating food without the use of antibiotics, we can use them for diseases like scarlet fever

    • I learned that one of Stoneyfield’s missions is to support organic family farming by using their crops in the Stoneyfield line. That’s pretty cool!

  2. I’d eat the chocolate with some dark chocolate chunks and whipped cream :-)

  3. I follow them on twitter

  4. I like them on Facebook

  5. Of course I watched the ‘blueberries from the forest’ video! Ha I learned all about how blueberry rakers go out to the forest in Quebec to pick blueberries, and that stonyfield farms get a lot of their blueberries from those forests.

    I’m moving there!

    (great giveaway!)

  6. Already their fan on FB!

  7. I find most interesting that sweet potatoes make the clean 15 list of foods

  8. I learned that children are more at risk to exposure to pesticides because their bodies are immature and also because they are exposed to more pesticides than an adult is.

  9. I think I would make chocolate overnight oats with the chocolate oikos–talk about an indulgent breakfast!

  10. I’m a fan of Stonyfield on facebook.

  11. I probably would just eat them straight up. I think the caramel one sounds really yummy.

  12. I’m a follower on Twitter.

  13. I’ve never seen/heard of these yogurts before–I’d love to win.
    From the video, I learned that organic farming is much harder to maintain, and the prices can be a barrier for selling organic in the stores.

  14. I knew that organic farmers did not use antibiotics, but I had no idea that the traditional use of antibiotics in meat production helps to contribute to the growing amount of antibiotic-resistance diseases.

  15. I’d use the carmel one as a base for overnight oats!

  16. I thought it was interesting that there are certain bugs and birds that the organic farmers can release to pray on the pests that may damage their crops. Another way to prevent using pesticides!

  17. I would freeze the yogurt and eat them as a dessert!!

  18. I would also freeze the caramel and chocolate Greek yogurts and then mix them with my favorite, crunchy gluten-free cereal and some strawberries. Thanks for the chance to win some delicious goodies!

  19. i’m all about texture, so i’d definitely eat the yogurt with some cereal (kashi golean please) or crumbled muffins mixed in :).

  20. I learned that toddlers that eat organic have a healthier immune system!

  21. I would eat the chocolate flavor with a little pb2 mixed in!

  22. I liked Stonyfield on facebook!

  23. On the organics and you page – I learned that Certified organic growers not only are inspected by third-party independent certifiers in order to qualify for organic certification, but they also follow strict guidelines for safe and hygienic food production.

  24. I would just eat it out of the carton!! Looks yummy I have never tried it

  25. I’d add sliced strawberries or fresh cherries to the chocolate yogurt!

  26. I learned that children/babies are more likely to come in contact with pesticides than adults.

  27. I would love to use the chocolate oikos to make a healthy milkshake. I would freeze the oikos and put it in the blender with some cocoa powder, milk or plain yogurt, stevia, and some crushed chocolate cookies! Yummy!

  28. I liked Stonyfield on Facebook! Woohoo! I hope I win! :-)

  29. i think it would go well on a fruit crisp :) I’ll be back later to watch the u tube video… i’m at work and can’t do it now!

  30. I found it interesting to learn about organic dairy products since I did not know what that really meant. Cows must be fed a organic diet, pesticide free food, which also leads to a higher quality milk (and flavor!)

  31. I would use the oikos to make a protein yogurt parfait. Layer the oikos with chocolate protein chocolate cake and raspberries and chocolate chips. Mmmm…

  32. Organics & You page: I found it interesting how they Release beneficial insects and birds to prey on pests to help eliminate the need for pesticides. Very interesting!

  33. I eat one of the caramel ones almost every day!! I love it mixed with my kashi cereal!

  34. Oh, and I “like” Stonyfield on FB! :)

  35. I learned that young children and babies are at more risk from pesticides than adults because of their still developing immune system. I’m glad to know that now, especially since I’m thinking about starting a family soon and want the best health for my children!

  36. I would eat the caramel and chocolate oikos with more shaved chocolate (perhaps from a Green and Black ;) alongside almond biscuits for a creamy, chocolatey, crispy, nutty treat!

  37. I learned that peaches are one of the most difficult kinds of produce to grow organically because of pest issues.

  38. I love the Oikos honey, and have been wanting to try these other flavors. I mix the honey Oikos with fresh fruits, but I’d probably make either of these a bit more like dessert. Crumbled muffin, chocolate chips, or I bet apples would taste great in the caramel.

  39. I love Oikos so much, it is the best! I would use the caramel and chocolate Oikos as part of a dessert with maybe a home-made brownie and some chopped nuts perhaps!!

  40. I “Liked” the Stonyfield FB page….I want want want that yogurt. :)

  41. MMM OIKOS!! :) I would eat the yogurt with my overnight oats for breakfast, or possibly with fruit as a dessert/snack! Great giveaway, thanks Brandi!

  42. I “liked” StonyField on FB!

  43. I watched the YoTube “Gambling on Organic.” Organic cherry farming in Eastern Washington is virtually unheard of, given the popularity of growing apples. I had no idea organically grown raspberries were so susceptible to mold and mildew due to moisture in the air, but that’s one good thing about raspberry farms in E. WA… low humidity = less mold/mildew problems! Yakima Valley Farm is doing an amazing job.

  44. What I found most interesting from the “Organic and You” page is that the USDA label guarantees 95% of the ingredients to be organic, not 100%! I wonder how they can measure that, exactly…

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  46. Watching the video, I learned that organic is more sustainable for environment and farmers are aware of their practices to lower their impact while conventional farmers are focused towards profit!

  47. I would use the stony field chocolate or caramel yogurt to dip graham crackers! :D

  48. In 1976, Vermont use to have over 3500 farms and now there is just under 1200. So sad!

  49. From the Organics Page, I found it interesting that government allows conventionals to use manure freely! Isn’t that a violation of the Pure Food and Drug Act or something?

  50. i would most likely eat it with bananas – my fave chocolate combo!

  51. from organics and you pages, I was a little surprised to find out that broccoli was actually a low pesticide food! I had it in my head that it was on the opposite end. Also learned what an OSP is!

  52. i liked the how we make our yogurt video, but i was left wondering how much of the energy deficit those solar panels on the roof actually discount…

  53. i would use the chocolate yogurt to make mocha protein shakes in the morning – perfect way to have my coffee and have a filling breakfast at the same time

  54. i would def freeze that yogurt and make it into ice cream! omg so delicious!

  55. and like stoneyfield on facebook!

  56. I learned the benefit of organic foods for children’s immune systems!

  57. I’d put oikos in my oatmeal!

  58. I’m a facebook fan

  59. Aww, sadly I can’t get the videos to load on this computer. But I hope you’ll still accept my other entries because I do love chocolate and yogurt! I would love to try either the caramel or the chocolate flavor blended into a smoothie with coffee for a healthier frappuccino!

  60. now following Stonyfield on Twitter!

  61. and liking them on FB!

  62. I learned that it’s a-ok to buy non-organic avocados. And I’m quite happy about that since I go through a couple each week!

  63. I’d love some chocolate yogurt over fresh strawberries and caramel over peaches! i just finished eating plain stoneyfield with cinnamon and molasses :) so good

  64. I learned that they turn yogurt cups into toothbrushes, this is just fabulous.

  65. Use it in a smoothie, yum!

  66. Like” Stonyfield on Facebook @tcarolinep JessieKatie S

  67. Follow Stonyfield on Twitter@tcarolinep

  68. It’s interesting to learn and definitely a great news to know they’re trying to lower the price of organic products

  69. I learned that organic certification is really hard to get!! Also that hormones is one of the causes of some bacterial infections!

  70. i would eat chocolate oikos with some fruit dipped in it. probably some strawberries!

  71. i learned that organic costs more because of how expensive it is to do things the natural way. this is so backwards to me. if you use chemicals (which should cost money), then that should be more expensive and doing things the natural way should be cheaper. our food system is so messed up.

  72. I learned that the US uses 1 billion lbs of pesticides each year and not all of the pesticides stay in the fields in which it is sprayed- it runs off into the water supply and is evaporated into the air/rain/snow :(

  73. I watched “Our Partnership with Preserve” and learned that Preserve is working to recycle #5 plastics, whereas most other companies only recycle 1s and 2s. They make products from used yogurt containers.

  74. My favorite way to eat chocolate oikos is frozen!

  75. I would eat chocolate or caramel Oikos mixed into granola. Yum!

  76. I went to the Organics and You web page and found it interesting that under FAQs (“Why do organic products cost more?”), it was suggested that you “think of the extra pennies spent on organic products as a daily contribution to your health and the health of the planet.”

    Unfortunately, where I shop for food, the difference in price between organic and non-organic foods is a lot more than a few pennies. I would love to see everybody eat more organics, but until the prices come down significantly, it will be hard for poor people to buy and eat organic foods unless they cut back on the amounts of fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods that they eat, and I don’t think that’s a good idea!

    Nevertheless, for those who can afford it, organic foods are great and usually taste much better than non-organics.

  77. I was so relieved to learn that broccoli doesn’t contain that many pesticides compared to other fruits and vegs, cuz I eat so much of it!

  78. I think I would love the chocolate one just straight up and the caramel one with apples!

  79. I learned about the power that we have as consumers on the food industry.

  80. I love oikos carmel yogurt with a few butterscotch chips mixed in.

  81. It’s interesting to learn that they are finding ways to lower the price of organics so more people can eat organic more often.

  82. I’ve been wanting to try the caramel oikos! love anything caramel… maybe with a little cookie crumbled in.

  83. I’m pretty familiar with the “dirty dozen”, but I hadn’t seen the “Clean 15” list that was on the Organic & You website! Very cool.

  84. I follow Stonyfield on Twitter. :)

  85. I would eat the chocolate/caramel yogurt as it is, but add some bananas, strawberries, and blueberries in the mix! I usually add honey to plain yogurt but since it already has flavoring, I think it would be perfect with fruit. Maybe even a brownie if I bake some : )

  86. I’d like to replace the chocolate cheesecake with the caramel that sounds perfect.

  87. I had no idea that premature births were linked to pesticides. I feel pretty informed, but that shocked me.

  88. I follow Stonyfield on Twitter. It’s mandatory in New Hampshire. :-)

  89. From the Blueberries from the Forest, I learned that it’s quite a process from picking and transferring them to Stonyfield. Also, I didn’t know they came from Quebec — quite closer to home than I thought!

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