Oatgurt Parfait

Topsy turvy is a good description of the day so far.

We woke up to find a hot and muggy morning, but we went running anyways. 3 hot and sticky miles before breakfast? That means I want a cold breakfast.

Or at least part of it needs to be cold :)


I made oatgurt with a fun surprise!


Layer 1: oatmeal with cinnamon and pinch of salt

Layer 2: 1 Tbsp White Chocolate Wonderful (so it could melt on the hot oatmeal)

Layer 3: Homemade strained/greek yogurt

Layer 4: diced strawberries and an apricot


Even Roxy wanted my breakfast! But she’s a yogurt fiend. I should have known she would show up.

After breakfast, I took my coffee on the road and went to the farmer’s market and the grocery store.

I got more wineberries! It may be the last week, so I’m happy I found them again. I also finally got some fresh corn and some cucumbers for a fun salad idea this week.

I headed home as it was storming – heavy rain, gray skies, strong winds. Thankfully, the rain got rid of the humidity and dropped the temperature about 10 degrees!

After eating some random leftovers for lunch – barley/chickpea/swiss chard, celery, tomato and hummus –


We headed out to Glen Alton with Maggie. Since it was cooler, it turned out to be the perfect weather. It takes about an hour to walk around the grounds so we walked and talked while Maggie ran and Nick and Maggie took a dip in the pond before we left to come back home.

Nick’s mowing the grass and we may be going to see a movie with friends tonight? Not sure of the plans right now but it’s been a fun day so far! The sun is shining again – I hope that rain comes back tonight. Our tomato plants need it.


One more errand and then dinner?



  1. Do you have any tomatoes growing yet? Our Bradywine and Pineapple plants both have a couple that we’re still waiting to turn, but we’ve been picking cherry tomatoes like there is no tomorrow!

    • We’re waiting on ours, too! There are tomatoes, but they’re still green / not ripe yet.

  2. Have you tried the cinnamon raisin swirl yet? It is a new favorite of mine….and now I’m back from the kitchen after getting a spoonful. :)

  3. That oatgurt bowl looks awesome! I love yogurt over hot oatmeal..it gives a really nice cool/hot contrast. :)

  4. I need to start following your lead and running in the morning! It’s just wayyy too hot in the middle of the day

    Enjoy your night :D

  5. Love the layers of that bowl–so summery!

  6. Love the egg bake, that looks so yummy! Eggs and salsa just go so well together, like they were made for each other. :) Maggie has to be loving this summer with all the swimming she gets to do! YaY!

    I think I’m going to get the Healthmaster. I desperately need a great blender but I really can’t justify spending $500 for a Vitamix. I think the Healthmaster is right up my alley!

  7. I’m intrigued by wineberries….then again, I’m a plant dork and anything that I’m not familiar with strikes immediate curiosity. It’s been pretty cool traveling around these past few weeks checking out what plants and edibles are native to different bioregions. My wilderness survival, edible plant knowledge is finally growing!

  8. Okay, so question: To me, the dark chocolate dreams wasn’t super chocolatey – is the WCW more chocolatey, or is it more PB laden like the DCD?

    • Hmm….it definitely still tastes like pb but it’s REALLY sweet and creamy like white chocolate. I think the same thing about the DCD – I expected more of a dark chocolate flavor. I still like the DCD, but it’s not super chocolately.

      The BEST part of the white choc. pb is that it’s SO creamy! The DCD is a bit gritty (not in a bad way, but it’s not super creamy), so the white chocolate has that going for it, too. Definitely worth a try – and I don’t even like white chocolate!

  9. ew to the storm!!! ew ew ew. lol.

    that oatgurt would be fantastic and even better that u put the white chocolate PB in there!!!

  10. Your parfait looks so yummy!

    Your bars were a hit yesterday, btw. I posted a recap this morning! :-)

  11. That breakfast looks amazing!

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