Sun and Swim

I’m so mad I forgot my camera again! I meant to bring it with us, but totally forgot to grab it off the table when I was heading out the door.

I took a longer lunch break today so we could take our two neighbor kids to the creek to swim. It was so much fun!

Maggie played fetch with her tennis ball and swam. We played games, swam around, got some sun on our shoulders, and worked up a huge appetite. We were out there for just over an hour – this could become a bad habit ;) It was such a fun way to break up the day!

We’re back at the house, and I’m eating lunch and getting back to work.


But not before heating up a hearty + veggie filled lunch!


I heated up some of the barley, chickpea, and rainbow chard mixture for the main part of lunch.


Jazzed up with some local tomato, celery, and homemade hummus! Nick just whipped this up in our HealthMaster a minute ago, and it’s super garlicky and delicious. I think freshly cooked chickpeas make it even better!

Scoop + dip.

A fun lunch for a fun day :)


Do you make your own hummus? What’s the best batch you’ve made – garlic, roasted pepper, etc?

I’d love to try making a dessert hummus like some I’ve seen, but I keep forgetting!



  1. What a fun lunch time!

    I’ve only made homemade hummus once, because I’m lazy!

  2. I tried making my own last night for the first time – jalapeno and cilantro.
    It needed more heat and I forgot the lemon juice. It’s a work in progress!!

  3. I adore making my own hummus. I usually just stick with garlic, I love it!

  4. I love making homemade hummus! Roasted red pepper and feta is my favorite. :)

  5. I love making hummus!
    Avocado hummus is great, so is with roasted pepper

  6. I’ve never made my own hummus YET, but I love buying the roasted red pepper kind!!

  7. I hate when I forget my camera! It happened this morning, actually. But oh well! Plenty more days not to forget :P

    The best hummus I’ve ever made was some sorta of olive hummus. It was so long ago I don’t remember the recipe, though.

  8. I always make my own hummus now. It’s just as good as store bought, especially if you let it whirl away in the food processor for a long time. I think the last batch I made is my favorite so far–it has garlic and cumin in it. It won’t last long in this house!

  9. The peanut sesame hummus from Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan is AMAZING.

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