Coffee + Cake

Just one more day until the weekend!

I tried so hard to stay up and watch the end of Top Chef last night, but I just couldn’t do it! I cuddled down on the couch and made it through about three quarters of the show…I guess I’ll have to catch up next week.

This morning, Nick and I went running!

3 miles, done.

The great thing about running in the morning? I don’t seem to get those bad side stitches that I always have when I run later in the day.

The bad thing? My legs are always so tight in the morning! They felt like lead for the entire run, which means that I’m just slow.

Oh well – running is running, and, other than my heavy legs, it was a good one today.

We left a bit later than normal, so I had to hurry to get ready to sit down and work: came in, showered, put a coffee cake in the oven, got breakfast.


We had a breakfast feast today.


I had oatbran topped with 2 over easy eggs, 1 slice of Applegate Farms Canadian Bacon, and some of our peaches and nectarines.


Plus lots of coffee that I’m still working on ;)

I made a blueberry coffee cake this morning but have yet to try it. My breakfast filled me up! I may have a piece for a snack later this morning, so I’ll let you know how it is :)

Nick’s already had 3 pieces along with his breakfast, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it!


Do you go for sweet or savory breakfasts?

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  1. its weird how i alternative between sweet and savory but i do tend to go more for sweet.

    i really love this eggy breakfast on OATBRAN? wow very nummy :)

    sorry ur legs were weighing you down from a good run. ive been experiencing the same thing and is the reason i havent run in weeks!!

    xoxo <3

  2. Today I had some sweet breakfast… yummy GF breakfast bars that I made for the first time with homemade Dewberry Jam.. that were fabbbb!!!!!

  3. I love a sweet breakfast, all the time!

  4. I’m a sweet gal, but sometimes I crave savory breakfasts – like with bacon. :)

  5. Fruity and nutty overnight oats get me up every morning :)

  6. I love sweet breakfasts — and nut butter is a necessity!

  7. I’m mainly a sweet breakfast kinda girl but it’s fun to mi it up with savory every now and then!

  8. I generally go for sweet, but every once in a while I will go savory. My reasoning is that all my other meals are usually savory so I have to switch it up w/ a sweet breakfast! :-)

  9. It’s interesting how the time of day makes such a difference in what exercise feels like. I’ve noticed the same thing with my yoga. I am MUCH more flexible at night than first thing. However, I love getting my workouts in during the morning. I REALLY need to be better about that. As far as breakfast goes, I’m probably an even 50/50. Sometimes I crave more savory, other times it is all about the sweet.

  10. I generally go for sweeter breakfasts in the morning. But every once in a while when I over-dose on sweets, there’s nothing better to start the day than with an omelette!

  11. I usually go sweet, because I can satisfy my sweet tooth first thing in the morning!

  12. ha, gotta love boys metabolisms..can’t wait to see some coffee cake! I know how ya feel about heavy legs…somedays you just can’t fight it.

  13. It depends on the day. I like both sweet AND savory breakfasts! Yours looks delicious. Great job on the run!

  14. Sweet is definitely my preference, but I’ve found that savory keeps me feeling full longer.

  15. I’m all about the sweet breakfast 90% of the time. There are a few occasions that I switch over to the savory world, though.

  16. Don’t worry…the best part of the episode was in the first 10 minutes, when Tamesha said, in regards to the crabs, “…but now I’m like, WTF?”

    So you didn’t miss anything too scintillating. :)

  17. I just stumbled onto your blog and I’ve lovin’ it already. I used to be a sweet only kid of girl but lately I’ve been loving the savory and combo breakfasts. A waffle with a bit of syrup top with turkey bacon, egg whites and almond butter….doesn’t get much butter.

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