Leftovers + Links

Today is starting out just like yesterday!

Overnight oats  for breakfast:


A mix of oats, milk, homemade yogurt, cinnamon, local peach, local berries, and a sprinkle of wheatberries for chew!


Lots of coffee to get through work this morning.

And lunch is the same, too!

I’m finishing off the whole wheat pasta/tomato/bean/broccoli mixture, with some extra broccoli added.


Plus more of that cantaloupe + the local wild wineberries!


I was very tempted to ditch this lunch and have a fun lunch date with Nick, but we’re really trying to watch our spending right now…so I had to turn it down :(   Maybe we’ll have another fun date later this week!


Need something to do this afternoon? Check these out:

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And…have you preordered your copy of Operation Beautiful yet?  The book drops in early August. Did you know part of my story is in there? I’m excited to read it.



Do you change up your food / meals each day or do you tend to eat the same types of things over and over again?


I love trying new recipes, but we always end up with leftovers. That’s what happens when we only have 2 people in the house! I don’t mind when the leftovers are good food.



  1. i definatly tend to eat the same thing over and over and over again… i recently bought a plum… in hopes to try something new.. (woah, crazy me)

  2. I’m a repeat offender when it comes to meals! I know what I like and I crave it all.the.time.

    I know you’re a White Collar fan but do you watch Psych? I’m excited for it to come back tonight :)

  3. Wow, I wish there was a “Most Colorful Post” award. I would so give it to you!

  4. I had blueberries with a peach this morning too, delicious…

    I tend to eat the same foods and leftovers often…but I love switching it up when possible!

  5. I still need to pre-order the book! That is so exciting that part of your story is included, too!

  6. I tend to eat at least one meal the same everyday. Unless you count having oatmeal for breakfast everyday, too..then in that case it’s at least two meals! If it aint broke, don’t fix it. ;) What exactly are wheatberries, anyway? I’ve seen them around the blogworld but never in stores or anything..

    • It’s just the entire wheat kernal, but they’re delicious and really chewy. They make great salads and side dishes.

      I usually find them in the bulk section of one of my local health food stores.

  7. I do tend to do the same things over and over. But, I am the only one who will do leftovers :(

  8. Your fruits and veggies look so fresh all the time!!


  9. I tend to eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch. Then dinner varies. I don’t really like leftovers so Hunni eats them for lunches. I like trying new stuff.

  10. I try to switch up my eats as much as possible – variety is the key to life! (:

  11. im trying to switch it up more but maybe once a week i add in a new food item.. otherwise its like a rotating clock with me… same food groups, different days and meals lol


  12. thanks for the link lovin’!

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