A Tad Too Toasty

I love when dinners turn out even better than I imagined.


After having a lunch out at a local Mexican place a few weeks ago, Nick requested some tostadas for dinner.


Unfortunately, my tortilla got a bit too burnt/toasty in the oven, so I skipped it, but my huge taco salad was awesome!


From the bottom up!:

  • black “refried” beans: black beans cooked with garlic, salt, cumin, and hot sauce. Mashed before serving.
  • Laura’s Lean Ground beef cooked with salt, garlic, ancho chile powder, cumin, tomato pasta, and hot sauce
  • corn
  • romaine
  • tomato
  • red onion
  • Avocado Radish Salad: diced avocado, radish, tomato, scallion, cilantro, salt, hot sauce


Homemade Mexican meals are so good! I’m always happier with what I can make at home than the meals I get out in restaurants.

And a big taco salad is one of my favorite dinners.

I had a weird day today. Not a bad day, but not a good day, you know? Just blah. So you can add on 2 Magic Hat Not Quite Pale Ales with dinner.

And with that, I’m out for the night!

I did finish my book today :) Time to get into another one!



  1. I am jealous of all your reading time! That taco salad looks so fresh and I agree, mexican food is so good at home!

  2. Yum that salad looks good! And the beer sounds pretty yummy too :-)

  3. Mexican is always better at home – I know the beans are vegetarian, you don’t have shlop on sour cream and cheese out the whazoo, and there aren’t any strange looks for asking for enough guac to swim in!

  4. Oh gosh how I loooove taco salads!

  5. I was blah-ish today too. Here’s to non-blah-ish days tomorrow! That salad looks divine!

  6. One of my faves too. I really like Chipotle!

  7. girl this looks REALLY GOOD! i love when anything tastes better than expected haha. im pretty sure ur the only other person that loves beans as much if not more than me :) :)


  8. Great tip! I never want to go through the effort of making refried beans… I’m going to mash the regular ones next time!

  9. I always like mexican I prepare better than that in a restaurant!
    Maybe I should make some soon :)

  10. Mmm, I just love taco salad too! :) I think my stomach expands dramatically when I eat Mexican. Amazing how much I can consume of this meal. :)

  11. I’ve been craving mexican like mad lately! Looks fantastic!

  12. Mexican at home is so much fun!

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