While I was reading my book last night, I decided I need some overnight oats for breakfast today.

So I got up, mixed them up, and they were in the fridge waiting on me this morning.

Best. Thing. Ever.


Breakfast waiting on me? That’s something I could get used to.

All I had to do was add some of my homemade yogurt, fresh fruit and nuts, and I was ready to eat.


The base:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • cinnamon
  • pinch salt
  • chia seeds

The oat mixture thickens up overnight and softens the oats to a fluffy and doughy consistency.


Right before eating this morning, I added the rest:

The best thing about overnight oats? It takes no time to mix them up the night before. So as long as you remember to actually get it mixed up, you’re all set in the morning.


Have you tried overnight oats yet?

What’s your favorite combination?


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  1. The best batch of overnight oats I ever made included Silk Soy Nog and red and green sprinkles!

    The rest of the year I really enjoy oats + almond milk + plain yogurt + maple syrup; topped with blueberries.

  2. I’ve tried overnight oats, but I never think to make them anymore. I need to do that!

  3. I like adding raspberries and cacao nibs along with some milk and yogurt. Yummy!

  4. I have yet to try overnight oats. I have no idea why I don’t just mix some up, but I always forget about them!

  5. Along with the Green Monster, I believe I am the last food blogger to make overnight oats!

    Maybe soon? :D

  6. I made a batch that I added dark chocolate powder too and cinnamon. Tasted like mexican hot chocolate even though it didn’t look pretty.

    I also must say that if I forget to mix up my overnight oats the night before I make un-overnight oats first thing and they are doughy when I’m done getting ready with just a bit of crunch. Pretty good and I’m pretty forgetful so I make these alot :-)

  7. I think I’m going to have to start making overnight oats–it’s getting toooooo hot to eat regula oatmeal even in the am!

  8. I have NO clue why, but I still haven’t tried overnight oats. I should probably get on that since I hear nothing but raves about them from the blogs! And yum, that peach looks awesome!

  9. Overnight oats are rockin in general but those must have been extra awesome with homemade yogurt!!

  10. Your overnight oats always look SO delicious…but every time I try OO I found I’m disappointed in the morning. :( I wonder if I’m not trying the right combinations? I think the texture just doesn’t sit right with me. Yours look amazing, though!

  11. Haven’t tried overnigth oats and don’t plan to. I have enough to do each night to prepare for the next day, including my lunch and making dinner. The last thing I need to do is cook more.

    I like my oats the wayI do them ever morning: rolled oats two minute sin the microwave with falvored yogurt, some fruit and PB. Delish and nutricious.

  12. holy crap that was bad writing- I apologize!!!!

  13. i made overnight oats last night and knew they were missing something…i forgot the yogurt! dangit! no wonder it tasted funny/different!!!

    i like mixing lots of fruits into mine!

  14. im such a slacker for not trying it yet!!! i dont know why since refrigerated ANYTHING in the heat is appealing.. i love how beautiful urs was, definitely make u jump out of bed knowing THAT is waiting for ya!

    xoxo <3

  15. Overnight Oats are a staple to my weekly breakfasts. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing a creamy bowl of doughy oats is waiting for me to devour in the morning!

  16. I love them with nut butters and fresh fruits :-) I’ve been topping mine with my friend’s homemade peach and raisin jam. Sooo good!!


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