Crash Hot ‘Taters

Today was full of good food!

And we’re all caught up on White Collar ;) I will say…Neil Caffrey is very easy on the eyes…


While working away this afternoon, I snacked on some of this cantaloupe – it was perfect for my first one of the season!


I was so happy when I was slicing this up last night. It is perfectly ripe and juicy and made the best snack today.

And then – dinner.

I was excited for this meal because of 3 words:

Crash Hot Potatoes.


Have you seen this recipe yet? If not, please head over and see The Pioneer Woman and this recipe (if you don’t get sidetracked by everything else on her amazing blog).


Crispy. Creamy. Perfect.

I followed the recipe, adding a little smoked paprika on ours and some fresh parsley right before serving. We both loved them!

They’re the best things about baked potatoes and roasted potatoes, all in one dish.


We also had some roasted garlic and broccoli and the main dish:

Local flat iron steak from Shadowchase Farm (just a few miles away) along with grilled onions and peppers. Nick made his into a big cheesesteak sandwich on a Nature’s Pride bun, and he really enjoyed it!


We’ve finished eating, the dishes are done, and my lunch is packed.

I’m getting back to my new book:


I am obsessed with Ted Dekker after Nick’s dad let us borrow The Bride Collector. I bought another book of his (The Boneman’s Daughters), read that in 2 days, and bought this on Friday.

I started it right after work ended today, and I’ve got to get back to it.

They. are. addicting. Totally consuming.

And that is why I love reading.

Anyone have a job for me where I could just read all day long? I’m in and completely serious.



  1. You could work at the Patent Office and read patent applications all day.. probably would be boring though!

  2. I’m pretty sure I want to be a cow, so I can live on Shadowchase Farm. It’s so pretty.

  3. we had our first cantaloupe this weekend too – it was amazingggg! love pioneer woman, just bought my mom her cookbook for her birthday and can’t wait to take a peek at it. these potatoes sound so good!

  4. I want that job too :) I will have to check out these books!

    Love cantaloupe.

  5. i am pretty sure i am going to start watching white collar just because of that man. GORGEOUS.

  6. Umm I love Neil…I mean White Collar ;) :)

  7. omg neil…err…ok whatever i’m swooning. i’m so excited for new episodes this week!!! drool time!!!!

    and those potatoes look freak’n awesome!

  8. You could be a book reviewer! :D

  9. Love Pioneer Woman – great recipe!!

  10. My mom is a librarian. She sits at work at reads all day. She has a basket next to her couch full of books. She reads more than one at a time.

    I’m really into reading but I only do it during school semesters, for some reason. Gotta break that habit!

    Your potatoes look delicious!

  11. I swear even if the show was crap I would still watch it because of Neil, he is hot. Over here the first series has only just started, and it is goooood.

    I would love that job too, possibly with having to cook sometimes too.
    The crash hot pancakes look good, I guess I need to look up the recipe as I am obsessed with potatoes.

  12. I am obsessed.OBSESSED. with Neil Caffey and White Collar.

  13. I love the potato and I totally think it gets a bad rap!

    Are you on You can keep track of the books you’ve read, write reviews, and connect with others. I’m Off Her Cork on there! I’m still figuring everything out about it but so far it seems handy.

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