Are you in for HomeSpun Sundays? A few of my plans got pushed back, but they’ll still be happening soon!

Today was a great Sunday.

Nick and I got up and ran this morning, and the weather was actually really nice. The past few times we’ve gone early, it’s already been hot, but this morning was a little cool and there was a layer of fog keeping the heat out a bit longer.

We ran about 3 miles along the river and saved a baby bird on the way! A good run overall.

Nick made us some coffee and breakfast while I diced up some peaches.


I had one piece of Applegate Farms Canadian Bacon, some oatbran and eggs, and a diced peach.


I’m pretty sure nothing beats a perfectly ripe peach.

I cuddled Maggie and finished my coffee until it was time for church – that time is turning into one of my favorite things about the weekends. Nick always has to go a bit early to help set up sound, so it’s just me and Maggie for about an hour.

We came home for lunch, and I don’t think I took pictures? But there are leftovers, so you’ll see them soon enough ;) I cooked some whole wheat pasta and mixed it with some diced tomatoes, broccoli, white beans and seasonings. Easy!

This afternoon, we took Maggie to Glen Alton! We both wore our bathing suits so we could swim in the pond, too. It was a perfect afternoon – we walked around the farm for about an hour with Maggie and then headed to the pond to let her swim for a while before heading home.


She is such a water dog now! That’s all she wants to do.


We got back home around 6, and I got started on dinner.


There was about a cup of leftover sloppy joes from the other night and I wanted something new using my half of the leftovers :)


Nick just had another Sloppy Joe on one of those whole wheat Nature’s Pride buns, but I made stuffed zucchini. So good, and so easy!

I took one zucchini, sliced it lengthwise, and scooped out the middles to make each half look like a zucchini “boat”.

I took the zucchini I scooped out and diced it up, mixed it with the sloppy joe mixture, added some salt, pepper, and Italian seasonings and stuffed the mixture back into the zucchini.

I put them in the oven at 400 for about 15 minutes – it was awesome!


We also had some barley and chickpeas (cooked from scratch!) and some rainbow chard I bought at the market last weekend.

I cooked the chard with a little olive oil, salt, and crushed red pepper and then we finished it with a spoonful of a dijon/garlic mustard and a splash of apple cider vinegar. Greens are good, and it still amazes me how much they shrink down.

My original plans for HomeSpun Sunday today included trying another batch of yogurt in the crockpot and cooking some pinto beans from scratch, but those got pushed off the schedule since we went to Glen Alton.

I’m pretty sure the yogurt will happen tomorrow, though :)

As for tonight, the only things I’ll be doing are:

  • reading my new book
  • finishing watching Holmes on Homes
  • cuddling
  • enjoying a bowl of popcorn with olive oil


Hope you’re enjoying the last of the weekend!



  1. Somehow I can never get chard down – it’s too bitter for me! I’ve tried and tried, but no go :/ It is seriously depressing though when I pour a whole gob of spinach into a pan and it comes out in one teeny little clump…I wish it didn’t shrink so much!

  2. Ohhh I’ve never tried popcorn with olive oil, how does that taste? And wow you made me really want to make some stuffed zucchini this week! I just bought two big zucchinis at the farmers market today!

  3. Funny you had Canadian Bacon because there was a heated discussion on a Message Board I frequent about what Canadian Bacon is .

    I really had no idea what to say becaue its not labelled as Canadian Bacon here, its Peameal . Well that is going by the looks of what you pictured. Did it have cornmeal on the edges?
    I was under the impression that what was known as Canadian Bacon was the stuff that had NO cornmeal on the edges and was more Ham like in texture, than peameal.
    So confusing.

    • Interesting!

      I’ve never had anything like this with cornmeal on the edges!

      This is definitely like lean ham.

  4. Looks soo good!

    One of our dogs loves the water but the other doesn’t. Makes it hard to go to the lake.

  5. I have never had popcorn with olive oil, but I know I would love it. Yum! You are very smart.

  6. I’ve never thought to do stuffed zuchinni?! What a great idea!

  7. What a beautiful dinner! Very balanced and healthy.

  8. very good job dicing up those peaches girl!! hehe <3

    even dogs need a good dip in the water/ swim, i dont blame her!

    i love how u stuffed the zuchinni- so much healthier than bread! and much more filling too :)

    xoxo <3

  9. It’s so nice that you get a chance to spend with Maggie on Sunday mornings. I always savor the hour I have before the hubby and dog gets up on Sunday mornings. Love that time to myself. :)

    I was just thinking of doing a stuffed zucchini. I have so many in the garden right now and looking for recipes.

  10. Oo I love stuffing all kinds of veggies. But zucchinis have to be one of my favorites.

  11. Oh look at all those eats! LOVE! Especially the stuffed zucchini which is just perfect for all kinds of yummy fillings!

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