Greens, Beans, Eggs and Ham

What a way to start my Friday :)

I love a good, big, healthy and filling breakfast – and it’s even better when it includes vegetables!


While my oatbran was cooking in the microwave, I sauteed some zucchini and heated up some refried beans.

After all of that was cooked and ready, I cooked my eggs and then put it all together!

Eggs. Veggies. Grains. And some of the rest of that Niman Ranch ham under my eggs, just for kicks.




Today is Nick’s last day of work, so we’re very excited and a little scared. It’s a good thing for him to be moving on (both for his resume and his sanity), but we’re still waiting to find out what the next step will be.


What do YOU do for your work/job? Do you like it?

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  1. Good luck to Nick! Brekkie looks great. I love that yolk sticking out ;)

    It seems like everyone is talking about work these days! I’m in marketing and while I don’t love it, it’s fine for now. I’d love to blog for a living :D

  2. Mmmmm savoury oats :) Sometimes you just have to step away from the fruit! lol And I WISH I worked at EarthFare or was a yoga instructor. One day, one day :P

  3. this savory oatbran sounds delicious. Thanks for the idea, I need savory breakfasts in summer to keep my blood pressure up and running :)
    I’m still a student, but I hope I’ll work at my own veterinary clinic one day :))

  4. Best of luck to Nick! I am a Grants Coordinator for a local Foundation, and I love it because I get to work with so many of the nonprofit organizations in my area.

  5. i was just thinking yesterday that i NEEd to make a wrap with greens, refried beans, and EGGS!

    i even went and picked up some refried beans :P

    must make soon <3

  6. BRANDI! just caught up on like 8 posts, and i am glad to see i am not the only one having fun and indulging this summer! although, i am wearing my snug pants today, mostly because its the first thing i found this morning, but it may give me a good indicator of my progression. we are just restoring balance – that is a good thing!

    i don’t know if this comment makes any sense – but i love you, your amazing looking food and hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend love!

  7. Refried beans is one of my favorite things to eat lately.

    I am a Salvation Army Pastor/Administrator. I love it! I don’t want to change it. But I do want to look into seeing if I can be a part time Weight Watchers Leader too :-)

  8. I think my most realistic title for the last year is couch warmer, but I’m going to be a student and I think I’ll love it! :D

  9. Breakfast looks awesome!! What is Nick going to be doing? Did I miss that post? Fill me in!!!

    I am a soon-to-be-college graduate,blogger, freelance writer/journalist, and a cafe barista.

  10. I absolutely LOVE veggies with my eggs!! I’ve never gone the whole savory oats route, though…..maybe one of these days I’ll try it…. :)

    Good luck with everything!

  11. This summer I’m nannying. Every day is getting better as the child and I are getting in rhythm with each other and gaining each other’s respect. Plus the pay is very decent :)

  12. I’ve been craving eggs all day for some reason. And now I’m craving them more! I quit my office job 2.5 years ago to start freelancing (writing, editing, PR). I haven’t regretted it for a second!

  13. I work at an on campus job at the aquatics center. It is really boring, but it pays the bills.

    Tell Nick good luck for me!

  14. Looks delish, Brandi!! I wonder if you could smush up some peas and make GREEN eggs and ham :-)


  15. part of my job (acting, obviously) is never knowing what the next thing will be, which i both love and hate. good luck to nick!!!

  16. Such a creative breakfast. Nothing like some zucchini for breakfast :)

  17. This reminds me of green eggs and ham–I loooove Dr.Seuss!

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