I’ve got a date to get our car inspected on my lunch break, so lunch had to be fast!


I heated up the last of the pea pesto whole wheat pasta and the Niman Ranch ham, along with a sauteed zucchini and some diced local tomato.


Fast, delicious, and full of veggies and whole grains.


So, as I mentioned last night, my pants have been a bit tight lately. I’m in need of a recharge on the healthy eating / activity front.

Honestly, they’ve been a little tight since our trip to Spain. Probably a combination of a lack of much exercise and too many desserts.

I go through this every few years it seems.

And I’m not horribly worried about it! It’s only a few pounds and is nothing to freak out about, but I would like my jeans to fit better.

My plans?

  • More fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean protein
  • More water! I noticed that I drink a lot more water when I’m home than when I’m at work, so I’m working on that.
  • STOP wearing jeans that are already a little big on me! I’m going to only wear my favorites, which are a bit snug, so I can measure my progress.
  • Find healthier desserts/snacks to have if I really need something sweet
  • And even though I love baking…I need to take a break from making “healthier” baked goods so much. I like knowing I CAN make healthier items, but I feel like I give myself permission to eat even more of them because they’re healthier, you know? We don’t need a dessert every weekend!
  • Run more, walk more, be active more. Nick and I got in a really bad rut with our new puppy and the horrible winter we had. Thankfully, the weather is better and we’re trying to get back in a good schedule to run a few mornings a week. And we both want to keep it up, so that should be a great thing.

Nothing drastic.

I’m not completely cutting anything out because I don’t think it’s necessary.

I’m just eating cleaner. Less sweets. Mostly whole foods. Things that are homemade.


Do ever have to recharge or hit the “reset” button on your efforts?

I know I’m not completely off track, nor am I eating how I did in college, but I definitely know I’ve been giving myself a bit too much slack with sweets, desserts (even healthy ones!) and a lack of activity.


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  1. I’m feeling the exact same way. I think it’s time to cut out the little cookie/ice cream “treats” that have been finding their way into my diet!

  2. The healthy baking one is huge! When I was making baked goods I can eat I was EATING them. So now I only make them occasionally so that I only eat them occasionally.

    Sounds like you have a great plan.

  3. I think it’s such a good idea to take a minute and look at the big picture like you’ve just done. Thanks for reminding me to do that! And good luck with your list!

  4. I think it’s always a good idea to step back and evaluate from time to time. I recently took a step back and realized I needed to start eating a lot more fruits and veggies, as well as incorporate different types of exercise into my healthy lifestyle. I’m glad I did!

  5. My pants are a bit tight too. I think sometimes my portions just get out of control. During the last few weeks of the school year, there was always a party to attend or a dinner. Too many things I wouldn’t normally eat at home. Good luck! Stay active.

  6. that sounds like a good game plan!

    i loveee the look of those secret cookies you baked!

  7. yeah, i’m kind of in the same boat… i think one of my problems is the “healthy” baked goods too! summer and puppies are always good excuses to play outside :)

  8. Ah I totally know what you mean!!! I love how you call it the reset button… I go through this almost every year! I find that it’s usually during the winter because that’s when I turn to “healthy” comfort foods. Plus it’s harder to exercise in the winter without access to a treadmill. And then in the summer time I usually get back into shape.

  9. Your game plan sounds totally healthy and realistic! I think we all go through weight fluctuations every now and then, and like you said, there’s no need to freak out – we just have to look at the big picture and see where we can make some healthy changes. I’m right there with you! :)

  10. I’ve had that happen to me a couple times. I always try to remember that it has happened before and I’ve “recharged,” so I try not to let it bother me too much. Your plan seems solid!

  11. Looks like we’re in the same boat! I got a few pounds I need to lose too so that I can fit comfortably in my jeans again.

  12. I like your new goals. I recently did the same thing with my food choices. I *usually* bought organic and real foods, but lately I’ve been trying to buy all real foods and organic when it’s needed (like with food actually affected by pesticides). It’s a bit harder on the budget, but I save on other things to buy those..which is another goal :P

  13. I have to do that about every three weeks or so. I can put on or take off about 10lbs in a week (though the latter is usually cause I’m sick) so I really have to reset a lot and be careful about what I’m eating.

  14. TGFTH (Thank God For The Healthmaster)!! Really…that baby is going to come in handy as you look for healthy cool alternatives for dessert.

    I like your thinkin!!

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