No Lunch, but I have cookies!

So, I totally forgot my camera today.

I’m so sad because lunch was great! We went to a newer place in town, Greens, and tried some of their sushi. I’ve had their veggie burger before (delicious), but their sushi rolls just sounded so interesting.

I got their Green’s Vegetarian Roll which was cucumber, asparagus, lettuce and ginger rolled up in nori and rice, topped with sliced avocado, crushed walnuts (!) and coconut(!!) and then drizzled with some spicy red sauce and green sauce. With some pickled ginger and wasabi, my nose was burnin! Loved it.

It was such a pretty roll! I really am sad I didn’t have my camera with me. But no worries – we’ll be back ;)

As for work…it was slow today. There was barely anyone in the office, so it was super quiet and lonely. Good for getting stuff done, but not really fun to basically be alone in the office.

Dinner was great, though!


We heated up leftovers of my pea pesto pasta, ham, and veggies.


I am loving this Niman Ranch ham! I’m so happy we have some leftover because I think it will be great with breakfast.

We finished up dinner and took another mile long walk with our little neighbor and Maggie this evening. Still way too muggy here, but it was nice to get outside and stretch our legs.

As for the cookies…

Nick has been asking for a batch of real cookies (i.e., lots of butter) for a few weeks, and I just kept forgetting to get the ingredients.

And – I’d received a special family recipe from a reader/blogger for some amazing chocolate chip cookies that I told him about and tonight, I finally made them.


While I cannot give out this recipe (family secret and I promised not to!), they are definitely the exact cookies I remember having when I was younger.

When I was growing up, this one lady at church would always bring chocolate chip cookies to potlucks and fellowships, and I could not stay away from them. They were different than my mom’s cookies – the regular Tollhouse recipe – but I had no clue what made them special.

Until college.

Someone a few rooms down in my dorm made a batch of cookies one night to share, and I knew in that first bite that these were the same cookies my church lady used to make. So, I found out what the secret ingredient was, but never got her recipe.

Thankfully, a fun recipe exchange with a blogger/reader ended up with me having the very recipe I’ve been searching for!


Hallelujah. And Amen.

Somehow, I’ve kept myself to only having one so far (did I mention my pants have been a bit tight lately?) Holly’s and Brittany’s posts today were totally up my alley – more on that later.

Nick has had 6, plus a glass of milk, and I’ll bet he has at least 4 more tonight.

I married a cookie monster.


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  1. Yum! A good chocolate chip cookie to me is defined by the butter

  2. aaaahhh…. you’ve got me so curious! Chocolate chip cookies are my fav!!!

  3. Ooooo coookies. I could go for a good cookie right now :-)

  4. My pants are tight lately, too. Boo. Yet, I have a blueberry crisp in the oven. What – I have a ton of blueberries to use up! :)

    Those cookies look incredible. Of course, I’m dying to know the “secret’ ingredient but I understand your vow of silence. Sort of. ;)

  5. WOW… I am SOOO Glad that you made my mom’s cookies!! I showed her the blog and she was so proud and happy to see that you LOVED the cookies!! My mom also made a comment about how they look just like hers do when then come out of the oven and that is a compliment, as NO ONE seems to be able to. Congratulations and I hope you are still up for a cookie exchange in the future, because I have a few more goodies that I am sure that you would love to try and you make so many that I would LOVE to try!! :)

  6. i’m a cookie monster too. it’s actually the title of my last post!

  7. those cookies look divine.
    The heat is horrid here too. 113.
    LIly gets excited in the air condtioned apartment for her “long ” walk of the day , yet gets halfway and gives in . :( poor girl.
    Stayed cool inside today with a Busy Bone .

  8. YUM!! My jeans are WAY past being tight, and downright don’t fit right now. Booo……..
    I think family secret recipes are so special. Keep it in a safe place! :)

  9. Those look like PERFECT milk-and-cookies cookies. :D

  10. I had some great sushi too! Love how beautiful sushi is, it’s almost too nice to eat….almost! ;)

    Glad you had a good day girl. And those cookies do look amazing! Love having a secret recipe.

  11. ok, that’s just not fair ;) such a tease!!

  12. Don’t worry about your pants being’s summer I blame summer!!! I think it happens to all of us. How about we blame the heat and water retention haha

  13. Those cookies look fantatsic! Don’t you wish you had a man’s metabolism/appetite for just one day? I know I do!

  14. OOoof I hate that tollhouse recipe. It’s just not that great. I’m dying to know the secret ingredient!

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