Berries in my Oats

It is so ridiculously hot here, I just could not even think of having a hot breakfast today.

In fact, the first thing I did when I got home from work yesterday was prep this breakfast. I didn’t want to forget because I knew I would want a nice cold and refreshing breakfast today.


Overnight Kefir Oats!


Oat base:

Fun stuff this morning:

  • peach – local!
  • berries – local!
  • wheatberries

I loved adding in the cooked wheatberries! I made that wheatberry salad this weekend and had a little more than I needed, so I kept these plain cooked ones in the fridge for fun oatmeal/overnight oat additions this week :)


They’re so good and chewy! Such a good contrast to the doughy overnight oats and soft, ripe fruit.

Whole grains are one thing that can always fill me up. This breakfast kept me full until right before lunch time today!

Speaking of…Nick and I have a fun lunch date :)  I can’t wait!


Do you have any fun ideas on how to use whole grains?




  1. I had coconut kefir in my overnight oats too this morning…this hear is ridiculous! I need to get some wheatberries now…

    I agree, whole grains are the best for keeping me full till lunch. Maybe make some grainy waffles/pancakes and freeze them for days you don’t feel like warm oats.

  2. I add chia seeds to mine..but it isn’t really original, alot of other people do it to. I definitely want to try yours though..yummmm

  3. First of all, I love the idea of adding wheatberries. Second of all, I love the idea of using coconut kefir. And thirdly, I absolutely love a good bowl of overnight oats in the morning, and am terribly sad when I forget to make them. :(

    Your bowl looks LOVELY!

  4. Mmmm I love putting berries in my oatmeal!

  5. I used to use oatmeal in smoothies as a thickener

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  7. I make “risotto” with barley. Told you barley was my favorite :-)

  8. Kefir…still haven’t tried that. Need too!

    I like putting oats in my smoothies like Evan!

  9. That’s a beautiful bowl! Very colorful and fresh looking :)

  10. wheat berries are awesome, love the chew :) and peaches and blueberries, oh my!

  11. Haven’t had oatmeal in a LOOOONG time…who am I?!

    Oh Brandi, I feel like I’m melting. I took a short walk outside and thought I was gonna die from stroke!

  12. Now *this* is a different version of overnight oats! Looks great! Sadly though, I have to report I still haven’t had wheatberries:(

  13. Your breakfast is making me drool. All I want right now is a big bowl of fruit. Excuse me while I run into the kitchen! :)

  14. you rock at foodie photography! your oats look awesome!!

  15. Ohmygosh that looks gorgeous! Summer time is definitely more picture friendly. :D

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