Full on Veg

I loved reading all of your thoughts on my vegan challenge conclusion post this morning – everyone is so wise :)

Finding what works for you, keeps you healthy, and supports your community and surroundings? I’m all for it.

While the challenge is over, my breakfast was vegan..but the rest of my meals weren’t.

Oh, how I missed Mexi-eggs!


This lunch was jam-packed with veggies!


I had a salad with romaine, tomato, carrot, red onion, avocado, and a little lime juice.


And the main dish: pumped up Mexi-Eggs.

I sauteed one yellow squash and zucchini with salt, garlic, and ancho chile powder and then assembled my eggs!


The layers:


Fat free refried beans.

2 over easy eggs.


Red onion.



I think this was the best Mexi-egg dish yet! And I loved the sauteed zucchini and squash on the side. Tons of veggies, colors, and textures, too.

I worked, worked, worked through the afternoon, played with Maggie, and finished another book before Nick got home from playing basketball with friends.

Dinner was awesome, thanks to some leftovers from last night.


Nick grilled up some bison burgers and I had one along with some roasted potatoes and another salad.


I’ve definitely had my veggies today!

I’m off to watch Glee, Burn Notice, and make us some smoothies :)





  1. Oh geez, those eggs looks amazing. Refried beans?! I haven’t had those in forever but used to loooove them! I remember getting the double stuffed tacos at Taco Bell that had a layer of refried beans between the two shells. Yeah, totally gross now that I look back on it..but so good at the same time haha

  2. Love all the veggies, looks delicious!

  3. Yay for eggs :D

  4. Those veggies look great. I always need to eat more!

  5. what a great egg combo! i don’t know why i never thought of refried beans and eggs! a must this weekend!

  6. Oh man! Your lunch looks SO good! So does your dinner. I’m going to eat your blog!

  7. i love eggs with mexican type food on them. sooo good!

  8. Now those are some healthy eats, way to go girl!

  9. Amazing looking eats!
    I love savory oatbran!

  10. Can I please just have all of your eats from this post delivered to my doorstep right now?

    Thank you.

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