Lunch + Library

Lunch today is courtesy of Trader Joe’s.

This would be one of the items I bought in May and brought back with me since we don’t have one here.

I love the Indian meal packets, but always end up bulking them a little with extra veggies. It just makes it easier to stretch them more, which means I get leftovers for lunch ;)

Of course, I forgot to write down the name/take a picture of the box, but this is the one with chickpeas and a spicy tomato sauce.


While it was heating up in a skillet, I added in a can of drained/rinsed kidney beans and a tablespoon of tomato paste for a bit more richness.


I brought the last of the bean mixture along with some couscous and green/yellow beans.



That little bit of extra tomato paste was a great idea! It gave it a deeper flavor.


Dream Homes

Okay, I know everyone has dreams about their perfect house, right?

Maybe yours has a big yard.

Or a closet the size of a bedroom.

Or a kitchen that can hold 50 people at once.

My dream?

The one thing I’ve wanted in my dream home ever since watching Disney’s Beauty and the Beast?


A library with a rolling ladder.

I want a room to hold all our books, along with a ladder, a fireplace, and big comfy chairs. It also needs to have floor to ceiling windows to let the natural light in and so I can sit and read on stormy days and watch the rain splatter outside while I’m sitting by a roaring fire.

What about you?

What’s in your dream house?



  1. That’s so funny. I would feel like I’m living in Hogwarts with a room like that.
    I would LOVE LOVE a home gym with a TV. And a fully loaded kitchen with extra cupboard space, a walk in pantry, and 2 refrigerators

  2. Oh my goodness… I would love the Beauty and the Beast library too! My dream home definitely has a humongous kitchen and a landscaped outdoor space with built-in stainless steel grills and other appliances.

  3. I want a huge wrap-around porch – I dream of sitting outside on it, drinking wine well into the night!

  4. I want a room that I call a ME room. With shelves for my books and a great sewing table and a TV I can watch whatever I want on. Kind of like my version of a Man Cave :-)

  5. Tjs rocks! I so wish they would open down here. blahhh! Great meal. I really like the house I live in now :) As long as a house has a nice/decent kitchen….I’m set to go. The simple things :)

  6. YES! The library in the Beast’s house has always influenced me. I love to read and so does Andy so we definitely want a library one day!

  7. My dream house would definitely have an upstairs master suite with a jacuzzi tub, french doors opening to a balcony and a cozy nook with a fireplace and reading lounge. But the kitchen would have to take the cake…MASSIVE and totally upgraded…equipped with a professional chef and dietician to plan and make all my meals :-)

  8. I also want a library in my home some day! I already have a large collection of books, and I’d love for them to have their own room where I could sit and read – preferably in a large window seat :-).

  9. i just want a big ass kitchen and nice bathroom. and a spot for a dining room table!

  10. haha I always thought that’d be so much fun, too!! But more along the lines of it’d just be awesome to have a rolling ladder (thats the lil kid in me speaking). Now, I want a large, but comfy home with a wrap around porch and enough land to hold horses. Oh, and a huuugge kitchen!

  11. Ever since I was little I’ve thought about my dream house, perhaps that is why I’m an architecture major. Anyways, I would love a beautiful kitchen! I’ve also always wanted to live on vineyard and have lots of wrought iron through out the house.

  12. I have always wanted a library with a rolling ladder! And my obsession also began with Beauty & the Beast… too funny! Also on my wishlist: a huge kitchen with plenty of counter space (my current apartment features a total of 12 square feet of kitchen counter space, which is really really painfully small), and a nice cool wine cellar. Perhaps a wine cellar with a rolling ladder?

  13. I love the idea of the rolling ladder with millions of books, preferably cookbooks :-) As for my dream house–I am all focused on my kitchen–I’d love stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, cherrywood cupboards–the works haha!

  14. I would definitely have a library like that if I could!! So much fun!

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