Weekend Soundtrack

We had a great weekend!

Movie night Friday night.

Lazy morning Saturday, including testing two new appliances ;)



Reviews coming soon! I’m so excited about them both.

We went out to Glen Alton Farm Saturday afternoon with some friends and their two dogs and had a blast! We all went swimming in the pond in front of the house – Maggie was in dog heaven! She swam more than she ever has and didn’t want to stop.

We came home just in time to watch the end of the USA game and spent a relaxing night at home.

Yesterday was a normal Sunday: breakfast, coffee, church, laundry, and lots of baking! I made a batch of cookie bars to mail for Whit’s bake sale and made a berry crisp for us.

The soundtrack to my weekend?


That’s right :) I’m a nerd. Nick got me the Sister Act soundtrack and movies for my birthday! I’ve been singing along all weekend and love it.

Breakfast today was back to my White Chocolate Wonderful. I missed it this weekend.


This might be my favorite bowl with this peanut butter. Simple – banana, cinnamon, pinch of salt, and a big blob of the white chocolate pb.


I’ve got coffee made (in the syphon this morning) and am ready to work!


If you could pick a song/soundtrack for your weekend, what would it be?

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  1. I love that movie! :) So funny.
    I have no idea what song would I pick. Probably some that talks about studying :D I spent the weekend with a book on my lap pretty much.

  2. Any James Taylor! We saw him in concert on Saturday night and it was fabulous!

  3. I love the Chicago soundtrack. Simple banana oats are the best. I need to pick up some PB&Co PB at the store, soon. It’s been wayyy too long. I don’t think I’ve had it since I went to the actual cafe back in January.

  4. This weekend, I was jammin’ to “feelin’ hot, hot, hot”

  5. “American Girl” by Tom Petty. It was running on loop in my head all weekend! :)

  6. Any songs by DMB or O.A.R. – low key & relaxing music. Matches my weekend perfectly! :)

  7. I was rocking out to old school Sunday School songs. We had VBS and were teaching them to the kids.

    Father Abraham, This little light of mine, etc.

  8. I was totally rocking some Of Montreal weekend, which is a relatively obscure band. But, that is how I roll. Gotta love the Sister Act, though!

  9. I have the bialetti espresso (mines PINK!) and I LOVE it.

    your oats look SO good… generally I like simple also…

    my weekend soundtrack WAS this awesome gospel category / “station” on napster … we had it playing all weekend. :)

    yesterday evening we listened to the songs from Kings of Comedy… also great music.

    random, I know!

  10. omg Sister Act sound track!! I used to love that!! haha awesome.

  11. That movie has some amazing soundtracks! Recently I can dance to any Glee soundtracks…I have no shame on that! :)

  12. WCW PB is the only flavor (well, besides Heat is On) that I haven’t tried by PB & Co and I’m dying to get my hands on it. It sounds, well, wonderful :)

    This weekend I’ve been rocking out to Michael Jackson – love!

  13. Literally my soundtrack lately has been a ‘chill’ station I have on pandora. I turn it on and then spend the entire weekend in my lawnchair on the back porch. Pure bliss.

  14. I think I’d have to choose “Rent” for my weekend soundtrack, and “Hairspray” for my work week. (It’s always fun to drive through the city of Baltimore with “Good Morning Baltimore” blasting!) :)

  15. I have one of those stove top espresso makers! Mine is from the Dominican Republic, b/c that is how everyone makes coffee there! Whenever I make coffee that way, it transports me right back to that tropical island!

  16. i miss a good soundtrack. “rushmore” was a good one, that’s kinda what my weekend was like!

  17. Ah! I love Sister Act! It was just on TV yesterday and I totally sang along to the whole movie :)

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