Birthday Memories

I may not remember every gift I’ve received in the past, but I have great memories of one in particular.

My parents both worked full time when my sisters and I were growing up (and still do), so when my birthday rolled around in the middle of summer, I would always get one small gift in the morning before they left for work. Anything else had to wait until that night when we had cake and ice cream with family.

I don’t even remember how old I was on this particular birthday, but I remember getting what I thought was the best present ever.

We were in the old house, and I’m pretty sure my parents still had their water bed because I remember laying on their bed most of that day, listening to my birthday gift I had received that morning.

Want to know how nerdy I was growing up?

The present was the soundtrack to Disney’s Aladdin. The cassette tape soundtrack. That I listened to all day on my walkman. IN the house. On that waterbed.

I knew every song by the time my parents got home that evening, and probably still do. In fact, when I was remembering all this in the shower this morning, I started singing “Arabian Nights” in my head.

I told you – my mind holds on to the most random things.

Does it make things even worse that I also used to have the soundtrack to The Sound of Music? I love that movie. I think I need that soundtrack again.

As far as birthdays go, today has been pretty good.

Work is work, and I wish it wasn’t included on my birthday, but it is. It hasn’t been too crazy, so I’m thankful for that.

And lunch was easy, quick, and delicious!


I heated up some of the deconstructed pesto pasta from last night, along with some broccoli and a local tomato.


The toasted walnuts make this dish. I love the crunch and deep earthy flavor meshing with the fresh green peas and lemony basil.


I’ve got big plans for that Healthmaster this afternoon – muahahah! Can’t wait to see what it can do.

Did I mention that it won’t even fit on our kitchen counter? ;) But I think we found the perfect spot for it.

Nick and I have fun plans for dinner AND he already made me my traditional birthday “cake” – can’t wait for that!


I’m surprised I didn’t dig in last night.


What’s your favorite birthday memory?


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDI! Wow, when I was 27 I had a 3 year old – I am so old now!

    Two birthdays stand out. I have a twin sister, and when we were six we had the first and only party with all the girls from each of our classes. My mom took one group and colored Easter eggs, while my dad took the second group and we watch 8mm cartoons in the basement.

    My mom made a castle cake that I can remember every detail like it was yesterday! I remember the WHOLE day as if it were yesterday!

    Second birthday: Our 10th birthday – I got Billy Joel’s 52nd street ALBUM and my sister got The Bee Gee’s Stayin’ Alive. God we wore those albums out!

    Hope you have fun tonight! :D

  2. I want to know what that traditional birthday “cake” is?

    Have a great Birthday night!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Brandi!! I hope you have a great day and I am sure that you will really enjoy your “cake” tonight!!
    I think that my favorite birthday memory was when I was turning 19 and my parents got me my first pair of diamond earrings. I was so shocked and happy that they actually got them for me!! :)

  5. I am also interested in the “cake” cause it looks like it could be anything from a pie to a blondie…hmmm.

    I also had the sound of music soundtrack…still know every song I am sure!

    happy birthday again lady!

  6. yea, that would be so tempting not to dig in there and grab a few bites :P mmmm

    my fav birthday memory, hmmm i think it was when i was 4 or 5 and my mom rented a clown to do some tricks. i got my face painted and felt like a princess :) but honestly, most of my memories were always the best when it was my brothers’ birthdays… i always had more fun at theirs.. maybe cuz the pressure to be a good ‘host’ to the guests was taken away and i could just laugh and have a good time.


  7. Happy birthday!!! That “cake” looks fabulous…. Can’t wait to see more :)

    I LOVED Aladdin too and also had the whole soundtrack memorized. I will NEVER forget the day my mom brought home the Little Mermaid VHS as a total surprise and I was SO excited!

  8. Happy Birthday, Brandi!

    I’m a lot older than you, and way geekier, I think! My favorite birthday present was an ALBUM – yes, a vinyl album… And-to top it off – it was the Hooked on Classics album. Classical music speeded up with a beat in the background. I wore that album OUT. I thought it was sooo cool -and- must admit, I still smile when I hear it. Have a great day!

  9. Happy Birthday!!! I love that story about your favorite gift..and that’s not nerdy at all! :) My favorite birthday memory was my last one in our old house. It was completely empty except for a couch so we had the whole house to run around in, my friend was in a band and they played on our deck, and some of us got HORRIBLE poison ivy. So bad I had to take steroids and Benadryl so it wouldn’t blind me. Yeah…that part wasn’t fun, but it makes for a memorable story!

  10. Love the idea of a deconstructed pesto. Very yum.

  11. Happy Birthday, Brandi! Hope you have a great day :)

  12. Happy Birthday!! :) It’s Jason’s birthday today also, and I’m taking him to dinner! (he opened all his gifts last night, I was too excited and made him open..)

    that pasta looks delicious… what kind of “cake”…? :)

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDI :) Hope its a great one!! (ps. Jasmine is totally my favorite princess)

    love the leftover pasta with pesto! pesto makes everything taste ahmazing.

  14. Happy Birthday, girl!! I loved the Aladin sountrack too! haha My bff and I would act out all the songs:)

  15. Happy Birthday Brandi!! Enjoy that healthmaster :D

  16. I LOVE the Aladdin Sountrack!!! Actually, I think I love all Disney soundtracks. That is such a great gift! :)

    Happy Birthday Girl! :) Enjoy tonight.

  17. Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope it was perfect!

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