Another Day, Another Bowl

I can’t get enough of overnight oats lately!


It’s been so hot and muggy that I just want a cool and refreshing breakfast.

Today’s mix features some fresh berries and a perfect peach I picked up on our way back from the Eastern Shore this weekend.


The base:

The oat mixture thickened up in the fridge overnight, and then I added the fun stuff this morning.


Overnight oats are even better over a bed of fresh fruit – try it!


What’s your favorite summer fruit? and what’s your favorite way to use kefir?


  1. Favorite summer fruit would probably have to be watermelon. I just love it!

  2. Favorite summer fruit = plums or cherries

    Favorite way to use kefir = with granola

  3. I just had a nice bowl of overnight oats :D Having fresh berries would make such a difference!

  4. Never tried this, but I bet kefir would be really awesome used with some instant pudding packets and made into probiotic pudding

  5. Summer = raspberries for me! YUM. I have only ever had just regular kefir and I could barely swallow it! Does coconut milk kefir taste the same?

    • I think it tastes like yogurt, with a slight coconut background flavor. But mostly tangy like yogurt! I’ve never tried regular/dairy kefir, though.

  6. Summer fruits…hmm raspberries, blueberries, strawbs and peaches! I couldn’t choose obviously…

    I love kefir just simple with some cereal like puffins and a sliced peach or nectarine and berries…yum!

  7. Strawberries and stone fruit (pluots, apricots, plums, nectarines) are definitely my favorites! I can’t wait for the Farmers Market this week…so much great produce! I don’t eat Kefir…do you recommend it? It sounds like you love the coconut flavor. Maybe I’ll need to give it a try?

  8. Fave summer fruit – watermelon and peaches.

    Love overnight oats with kefir!

  9. You don’t use yogurt for OO’s? I’ve tried that before and I can never get mine to come out as thick and delicious looking as yours. I thought yogurt was the key but now I’m thinking its Keifer!

  10. favorite summer fruit is by far berries!! red, black and blue :) great idea for putting your ono on a bed of fruit! sounds like a refreshing summer breakfast.

  11. I love raspberries. Great memories of childhood picking them.

  12. You’ve inspired me to have overnight oats tomorrow morning!

  13. favorite summer fruit – blueberries + peaches… I’m watching our blueberry bushes in our yard… waiting … waiting … :)

    I also love overnight oats now that it’s hot, because you get your oats but they’re cool! :)

  14. I need to get on this overnight oats train. YUM.

    I love blackberries!

  15. I love pouring kefir over fruit and topping it with granola! If I’m splurging, granola, almond butter, and strawberry preserves!

    Do you blend your overnight oats in the morning? I use GF Oats and they are super thick…my oats never seem to turn out like everyone elses!


    • Nope, I don’t blend them! The last few times I’ve made them, I’ve actually used quick cooking oats, which does make a difference in the texture. But I love overnight oats with regular rolled oats, too.

  16. i love kefir with frozen fruit. just chopping up some bananas, frozen berries, and seeds.. and then pouring on the kefir.. and the frozen berries end up making it into a softserve texture!!! :P

  17. Those overnight oats = divine!

    I’ve never had kefir before? I really need to jump on that wagon though

  18. I love watermelon :) It makes me so happy!! I just remember being at cookouts/picnics and spitting the seeds at my brothers and sisters. Sometimes my mom and dad would even get in on the action.

    I’ve actually never tried Kefir! It kinds of scares me…

  19. i used kefir in some pancakes once, it was good! but i like it straight up, or in a smoothie too.

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