Land of the Leftovers

Tuesdays. What are they good for? I know it’s no longer Monday, but it’s also not Wednesday…

Maybe I’m just ready for Thursday and my birthday? :) That could be it.

Today’s meals were full of leftovers, but my snack totally made the day!

Lunch was the rest of my pizza from yesterday, along with some leftover grilled yellow squash and zucchini from the other night.


Tasty. But boring.

My afternoon snack was awesome!

Nick and I went to Our Daily Bread during our lunch break to pick up some sweets.


I got one of their Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins and had it along with some cherries I brought from home, along with a side of work.

Dinner, although delicious, was just leftovers.


BIG taco salad with romaine, beans, quinoa/brown rice, tomato, corn, avocado, radish, scallion, red onion. And some Sam Adams Summer Ale that I apparently forgot to photograph.


The weather right now is perfect. It was so hot when we first got home, but once the sun dips down below the tree line, it turns into a perfect summer night.

Warm. Lingering sunlight in the sky. Lightening bugs scattered in the yard.

I went to check on our tomato plants, and we have one lone globe, growing strong! I can’t wait until they come in.

Meanwhile, we’re rolling in the peas and will have to pick and shuck more tomorrow night for a fun dinner :) I’m excited!

Fresh peas are one of my favorite things. Be ready for an awesome meal tomorrow night. I know I am.


  1. I love fresh peas too! I’m always scouring the farmers market for them :-)

  2. The muffin just looks so yummy! Especially with sweet cherries. What a great lunch meet up with Nick!

    And i LOVE that salad. I’m going to have to try radish and avocadao now. :)

  3. That muffin looks delicious!! That glaze makes it look like a hole-less doughnut :P

  4. I love, love, love grilled zucchini – I think that’s my favorite veg in the summer.
    Our tomato plants are growing, but no globes yet!! :)

  5. I meant to comment this last night on your dinner post but since I didn’t, I’ll say it here: that pizza is the best thing that can come out of a freezer. Amy knows her pie! Sam Adams Summer Ale? Excellent choice!

  6. Brandi,

    One of my absolute favorites is to recreate a dinner with leftovers! In fact, that is what my post will be about tonight :-) Taking the pre-made stuff and making something out of it in 10 minutes or less!! Check out my dinner for this evening on my blog :-) Delish!


  7. Yay for birthdays!! And that muffin looks awesome!! Too bad it’s too far from me ):

    You can send me one for my birthday though, I’ll let you lol

  8. I’m finding out more and more how handy leftovers can be when life gets crazy! And I think I might like leftover pizza better than when it’s served fresh!!

  9. Happy almost bday!!! I can’t get into peas for some reason… I love just about all the other “green” vegetables!

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