Hold the Cheese, Pass the Hummus

Another new fun food to try!

I bought this pizza a week or so ago to try when Nick was having one of his frozen pizzas, but I think I ended up eating random leftovers instead.

I’m kind of happy I didn’t make it then – it made for a fun new lunch today!

As far as frozen meals go, Amy’s has some of the best ingredient lists. I can always read and understand everything on their labels, which is impressive. And I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve tried so far.

So this pizza.


Wheat crust. Roasted Veggies. No cheese.


I know…pizza is usually just a vehicle for melted, browned cheese. But after my cheeseless pizza the other night, I was really excited to try this!

I think if the crust is good and the veggies are fresh or cooked right, a cheeseless pizza can be just as tasty.


Love the pizza! The crust is perfect, and the sweet onions and roasted red peppers make it – just a little pinch of crushed red pepper for freshness and a little heat was all it needed!


Most random pizza side dish: veggies + hummus.


But I don’t think you can ever go wrong with roasted garlic hummus, right?


Back to work!


What’s your favorite flavor of hummus? Original, roasted pepper, etc?

Our all time favorite is still the Sabra Roasted Pine Nut, but this garlic Sabra is creeping up to tie it, I think.



  1. I love hummus with cheeseless pizza! I’m glad you posted about this. I will go check it out. Cheese really bothers my tummy and this is a good substitute.

    I love Trader Joe’s smooth and creamy Cilantro/Jalapeno hummus. It’s almost as tasty as Sabra! The Sabra pine nut is my absolute favorite though.

  2. I love it so garlicy that I’d be embarassed for my breath

  3. I LOVE this pizza! Last time I ate it, I actually dipped the crusts in hummus! I normally buy orginial or olive hummus from TJ’s.

  4. I love the olive flavor.

    I haven’t tried cheeseless pizza but your posts on it keep me interested and I might just try it. I’m scared of the pain from cheese so I just don’t get pizza unless I make it myself with daiya.

  5. I would have totally dipped the pizza into the hummus. I sure hope you did that :)

  6. I like Sabra original hummus the best. I like some other “fancier” flavors too, but not for everyday. Some of them are too garlicky for me.

  7. I’m with Kiersten-original sabra is my favorite! Although, a local company makes a really good black bean hummus!

  8. I really do love that pizza too and my sister and often share it! It is so tasty! Hummus is good any way for me..I love it plain, roasted red pepper, garlic, etc.

  9. I MUST try this because I’m not really a cheese fan! I mean I love cheese pizza but I could most definitely do without the cheese and used to pull it all off of my slices when I was a kid!
    GREAT side! I’m a sucker for just plain ol’ hummus or garlic!

  10. OMG I need to locate that pizza so I can eat some immediately!

  11. Just read this article about hummus: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/16/dining/16united.html?scp=1&sq=hummus&st=cse. I LOVE hummus, particularly homemade hummus. Your lunch looks so delicious!

  12. i love that pizza! trader joe’s makes one that’s similar but a lot cheaper

  13. I was just about to say the roasted pine nut’s been my favorite so far. I just bought the Greek Black Olive but it’s just not as good in my opinion. Next up’s the lemon one!

  14. I agree, you can never go wrong with hummus. In fact I thought you were going to put it on your pizza! And that sounded pretty good to me :)

  15. This pizza is near and dear to my heart because one of the first times I met my now-long-term-boyfriend John, I was coming over to a pizza party at his house and he had this special pizza just for me because he knew I was vegan. :) Now THAT’s a keeper right there! <3

  16. I think cheese on pizza is over-rated. Like you said, if the crust is good and the veggies are fresh, then it should taste delicious! And of course, the sauce is important too! ;-)

  17. I’ve been looking for that pizza around here, but can’t seem to find it yet! Glad you liked it though :-)

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