Breakfast was dreamy this morning.

Just look how melty the white chocolate peanut butter is on my oatmeal!


White chocolate peanut butter + raspberries + peaches = taste of summer in a bowl.



I don’t enjoy the super hot and muggy weather we’ve been having lately and that does make it hard to want a hot bowl of oatmeal…but I just can’t resist it with this peanut butter in the house!


Along with my dreamy, melty oatmeal, I tried a new coffee creamer.


When I went to buy more of the Coconut Milk creamer this weekend, the store was out of everything but the French Vanilla, so I decided to try it.

I typically use milk or half’n’half and normally don’t like flavored creamers, but I really like this french vanilla one. It’s really creamy, just like their original, and has the perfect amount of vanilla.


I think I’m officially hooked on their creamer!


My head is still a little congested this morning. I’m hoping I’ll start feeling better as the day goes on, but we’ll see.


What’s your favorite fruit + pb combination?

Strawberries + pb?

Banana + pb?

Apple + pb?



  1. I’ve tried all the combos you listed and my favorite’s still banana & pb. I have it every night in some way. :P
    And I have to get another jar of White Choc. now that I’ve seen those pictures. I can’t believe how easily it melts!!

  2. banana and pb. I mean, all goes well with pb, but bananas are the best :))
    Your oatmeal today looks absolutely perfect to me. Peaches and raspberries…amazing

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever said this, but always think it – your mug is amazing.
    And so are the oats! I agree – the one thing I’ve been missing about hot oats with all the overnight ones I’ve been having is the melty peanut butter. I’ll take PB on anything – but I think my favorite fruit combo would be with a banana :)
    Hope your congestion clears up!

  4. PB and fruit just doesn’t taste right together to me. but I love sweet potato and PB!

  5. PB + banana for sure. What about veg? I love pb + carrots!

  6. I’m not a big fruit and PB person. It’s so hard to find a good peach! :( Lately I’ve been turned off my the fuzzy exterior so I’ve been buying nectarines instead.

  7. i think banana + pb will always reign supreme for me, but i’ll put pb on anything :)

  8. I like ’em all! My favorite isn’t bananas or apples though, it’s rhubarb. Numnumnum.

  9. Definitely banana & PB is my favorite combo. Can’t wait to try some of this peanut butter & coconut creamer when I get back to the states

  10. i just caught up on your posts, and i am glad to know that me going on vacation doesn’t mean that you still aren’t posting gorgeous, fabulous eats :)

    (1) congrats on being an auntie! that is SO exciting!

    (2) umm…that chocolate espresso cup? AMAZING!

    (3) your vegan meals astound me…if you came to be my chef, i would go vegan for the month as well.

    (4) i am successfully convinced i need to try coconut milk creamer.

    (5) if i could go back and do it again, i think i would still be a journalism major, but i definitely would have double majored in international studies as well. i would have worked harder to gain more “experience” – aka get published more :)

  11. bananas + PB. classic.

  12. HAHAHA your mug cracks me up! in my world, i think banana + pb wins :)

  13. I can’t decide if I’m more of a banana + pb person or an apple + pb person. Yeah, can’t decide.

  14. Your breakfast looks like perfection!! My favorite combo is almond butter + bananas :)

  15. BANANA AND PB are lovers forever.

    that mug is a little creepy ;)

    Those oats look dreammyyy.

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