No Cheese, Please

I had my first ever cheese-less pizza tonight.


And I’m pretty sure I hit all the rest of the colors in the rainbow, too ;)

Just in this meal, I have:

  • red
  • orange
  • yellow
  • green
  • black
  • purple (red onion?)
  • white
  • brown



Tonight’s dinner was a total lazy girl decision. I had stuff to make for dinner, but I wasn’t really in the mood for what was planned, so I got us some pizza from our favorite local place, Mikie’s 7th.

They use local everything! And the owners actually have their own beef/pork farm, too.


Nick got our usual (their version of supreme), and I ordered a personal size veggie, hold the cheese, please.

It was delicious! Theirs had a perfect amount of tomato sauce, spinach, mushrooms, olives, onions, and peppers.

Pizza on a Wednesday night just makes the day feel a bit more special :)

The most random thing about today? My head is totally congested and it started this afternoon. I have no idea why…but I’m really hoping I don’t get sick. Off to hydrate!


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  1. looks delicious :) i love black olives especially on pizzas!

    for me pizza reminds me of weekend nights therefore pizza on hump day brings the weekend that much closer!!

  2. Gosh that plate is beautiful!! :)

  3. I love seeing how many colors I can get in one dish!

  4. Since I can’t eat nor really like mozzarella, I always order my pizza sans cheese and I don’t even miss it! I’m all about the veggies and sauce. Now, if goat cheese is a topping choice, then that;s a whole different story! ;)

  5. Did you miss the cheese at all??

    Hope you feel better in the morning!

    • I did a little, but their dough is so good and the veggies were so fresh that I really didn’t notice NOT having it once I was a few bites in :)

  6. That’s one color-packed dish. I have a few friends that hit one color each meal- brown. Yuck!!
    Hopefully a little TLC’s all you need to feel better :)

  7. welcome to my world – cheeseless pizza! yours looks terrific!

  8. no-cheese pizza can taste fantastic! as long as there are good veggies, which there is on urs, then all is good! looks TASTY GIRLIE!! <3 xoxo

  9. I had pizza tonight too!! I didn’t hold the cheese though. I’ve thought about it before but think I will miss it too much! Your dinner looks awesome!

  10. I’ve only had a cheeseless pizza once or twice and I didn’t miss the cheese one bit!

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